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Tik Tok is the fashion social network of the moment. This causes millions of people to spend several hours a day playing videos from the network. It is enough to raise your head and see how on many occasions, a large part of the people around us and who are using the mobile phone are doing a TikTok or playing any of the profiles that you follow.

Although the truth is that today there are many who have rates of unlimited data on their mobiles, there are still many who have to be very careful not to spend all the gigs before the end of the month. Living in every moment pending of being able to connect to a WiFi is a solution, but luckily, from the TikTok settings it is possible to activate the data saving to reduce the consumption of mobile data of our rate.

Steps to follow to activate data saving and free up space on TikTok

To do this, the first thing we have to do is open the TikTok app on our mobile phone and then touch on the icon Me displayed at the bottom right of the main screen. Now, we touch on the button menu and we scroll through all the options to the section Cache and mobile data.

Once we have found it, we touch on the option Data saving. This is specifically the setting we are looking for. On the next screen, we slide the switch to the On position of the Data saving option and from that moment on, the videos will be played in a lower resolution to save on mobile data consumption. Of course, this could also influence the speed with which the videos are loaded, although this will not affect when we are connected to a WiFi network.

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Another very interesting option that we also find within the Cache and mobile data section is the one that allows us Free up space. Specifically, from this option we will be able to free up space on our phone that is occupying data in the cache and TikTok downloads.

Therefore, if you are one of those who spend a lot of hours using the social network, the best thing is that we periodically free up the space occupied in the cache and the downloads made. To do this, all we have to do is enter our profile, tap on the menu button, select the Free space option and then click on the buttons Empty that appear next to the Cache and Downloads options.

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