Celebs flirt with Shakira, is she ready for a new relationship?

It didn’t take long for the footballer to rekindle his love life with Clara Xia. For her part, Shakira is still single, but some celebrities are speculated to be following her.

Is Shakira ready for a new relationship?

According to the Life and Style tabloid, there is a list of famous suitors looking for the Colombian singer: “Celebrities are flirting with her,” said a person close to Shakira.

However, according to reports, she doesn’t want a relationship this time and will focus on him: ” She will not jump into another relationship just yetSetting limits and putting herself first,” the informant added to the tabloid.

Are Henry Cavill and Chris Evans on the list of suitors?

After Shakira and PQ broke up, a 2015 video from the red carpet of the premiere of ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ resurfaced in June 2022. Henry Cavill He’s interviewing a woman who looks like Shakira, so he interrupts the interview by smilingly asking if she’s Colombian.

The said clip went viral in 2022 and it was speculated that the British actor would be interested in the singer.

It was later revealed that the video was a montage as Cavill must have been confused by the music star not attending the event. In addition, the actor has a partner, who is dating Natalie Viscuso.

Speculations linking the Hollywood actor and Shakira started because, after his breakup with PQ, he started following her on Instagram. However, at the premiere of the animated film ‘Lightyear’ in June 2022, Evans was questioned about what was happening with social networks as users turned them into a trend due to ‘crushes’ between them.

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“Shakira started following you on social networks and the internet went crazy! Have you met her yet?” asked a reporter, the magazine Who reported. Surprised, the actor replied: “No, no, I have never met her, but I’m a huge fan“.

Chris said, not daring to move his hips like a Colombian: “God! I’d be so embarrassed to be next to her, She’s very good at it“, he joked in the interview.

Shakira is having fun

The ‘Blind, Deaf and Mute’ translator will spend a lot of money on her new wardrobe, celebrations and other things, reports Life&Style.

“Shakira is celebrating her success by treating herself, and she’s spent Minimum purchase of $50,000“, the tabloid published. “She has a glamorous new wardrobe,” the publication reported.


Shakira and her children, Milan (age 9) and Sasha (age 7) will soon be packing their bags to leave Barcelona permanently for Miami.


After months of difficult negotiations, the singer was able to reach an agreement with the children’s father, Gerard Piqué.

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The contract established that the former footballer could travel to see his children “whenever he wanted” and spend 10 days a month with them in “La Ciudad del Sol”.

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Shakira and the boys will live in this mansion in Miami.

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The residence is located on North Bay Road, a popular street.

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According to information, it is a property with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

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The El Nuevo Herald reports that it was put up for sale on several occasions, and the last one went for $16 million.

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The residence was built in 1951.

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Shakira bought it in 2001 for $3.3 million.

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At the time, she was having a romantic relationship with Argentine Antonio de la Rua, who is speculated to have convinced her to return to Miami after her split from Pique.


It is known that the singer has adapted and redesigned.

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For example, he added three rooms, and now the mansion has a certain air of his Lebanese heritage.

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It has a privileged location as it fronts Biscayne Bay.

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In the 12 years they were together, Shakira and Gerard Piguet never got married. The only legal issue that binds them is the safety and security of their children.

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According to a report in El Diario de Catalunya, Shakira could decide on a date to move permanently to Miami with her children without consulting her ex.

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