The intriguing record of Carol G. he published and later deleted

Carol G. Diz recently released his first full song in English with Michael Vervest, a Dutch DJ and producer most famous for his work with Disto. The song was called “Don’t Be Ashamed”, which translates to “Don’t Be Ashamed” in Spanish and has already surpassed 5.5 million views on YouTube.

For a Medellin native, it was a way to get out of her comfort zone, and although she sang a portion of her songs in English, she did not do it in a comprehensive way. A few weeks ago, Carol G. He was criticized at the Premis Juventus for performing the theme song “200 Copas” in Mariachi style. People around the world, including celebrities such as Angela Aguilar or Noelia, accused him of trying to exploit cultural assignment and Mexican culture.

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