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You may encounter another hold order.

Treasury Secretary Francisco Paris Alicia while explaining the new tax evasion case.

Photo: Juan R. Costa/NotiCel

The influencer known as Chris Agront will have to comply with the payment plan he has committed to with the Treasury Department or else a forfeiture order could be issued against him.

This past February, Agront pleaded guilty to tax evasion after reaching an agreement with the Treasury Department to pay off his $1 million in debt. The influencer reported $5,487,101 in income as an individual and another nearly $6 million for his company.

Tax evasion meant that he did not pay the treasury about $7.6 million in taxes.

“In the case of Chris Agront, what was disclosed is what was raised in court. He entered into a payment agreement. Basically, an expiration and expiration date was put on his ‘carifresquería’. My recommendation to Chris Agront is that he comply with the payment plan,” Treasury Secretary Francisco Paris Alicia said today.

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“Failure to comply with that can have very strong economic ramifications. Without giving status to the stage you are in, as an official, as a certified public accountant and as a Puerto Rican citizen, I recommend that you fully comply with what you promised to the people of Puerto Rico.”

On questions from NotiCel, Parés Alicea acknowledged that one of the collection efforts that could be issued against Agront is a forfeiture order.

“When there is a payment plan and the payment is not committed, the Secretary of the Treasury can trigger various collection measures that include attachment orders and attachment orders made public,” he said.

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Dorado-based Agronte has led JetTrades online tutoring, with presence in the US, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Spain.

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