Celebration of Champion Santa Lucia at Toroto Guamuch Flores Stadium – Brenza Libre

Players of Santa Lucia celebrate the Clausura 2021 Champions Trophy. (Free press photo: Norwin Mendoza).

The Luciano team enjoyed a unique and glorious moment after they beat Communicaciono 6-5 in the final series for the Glasura 2021 title. It was a lesson in life and football that they never gave up, even though it was in the 90s. He was on the scoreboard.

The person responsible for winning and lifting the Champions Trophy was Captain Rabinha, who captained the field during the tournament, thanks to the leadership of a team that did not start as favorites at the start of the season and the history of Mario Acevedo and Dwight Besarosi.

The Communications players recognized Saint Lucia’s effort, and before they could win medals and the Champions Trophy, they praised him and built a walkway on the way to the stage where the National League had presented the desired trophy.

Thus, Clausura was confirmed as the best club in Santa Lucia in 2021, and this victory will allow them to play in the next edition of the CONCACAF Champions League, with Quastado and the Communicians leaving the municipality.

The players from Santa Lucia made the championship turn at the Toronto Guamuch Flores Stadium. (Free press photo: Érick vila).
The Lucian team enjoyed every minute of the Champions Trophy and posed for historical photos. (Free press photo: Érick vila).
Communications paved the way for the Saint Lucia players to win the Champions Trophy. (Free press photo: Norwin Mendoza).
The final of the Mario Escobar Doha-led final was judged by four. (Free press photo: Norwin Mendoza).
Nicaragua coach Santa Lucia is the best protagonist of the Coates title. (Free press photo: Norwin Mendoza).

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