Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science Grupo Milenio

The Expo 2024 Forum was held in large capacity to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, organized by… Coahuila State Council of Science and Technology (COECYT) and the Network of Women in Science and Social Innovation (RMCIS)Topics related to the branches of institutions are presented and the growth of women in them is encouraged.

Flor Estela Renteria Medina, Educational Services Coordinator, Laguna District, Coahuila StateAs part of the Presidency, she declared that enhancing student engagement is of great importance to the state of Coahuila, as she, Governor Manolo Jiménez Salinas and Education Secretary Emmanuel Garza Fishburne consider excellence in education a priority.

“I believe that fostering a taste for technology at an early age will allow us to have a generation with more critical and creative thinking and, above all, with values ​​that allow us to combine this knowledge with skills that we should continue to develop. Definition and dignity for us. We know that the future is not written , but it is important to realize that we write it with a lot of perseverance, work, values, responsibility and commitment.

The engineer Olivia Valadez Lopez, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Canacintra Torreón DelegationHe pointed out with the students present that among the 55,000 members of this chamber, there are only 5,500 businesswomen, which highlights the importance of encouraging women, not only to devote themselves to a career related to business. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)Rather, to encourage them to be entrepreneurs.

Teenagers attending the COECYT and RMCIS Forum Fair. (Carla Rodriguez)

Through her life story, she was keen to introduce the importance of girls and teenagers believing in themselves to achieve their dreams, in order to motivate those present to dare to grow in these fields despite the obstacles.

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Women in science

Teacher María del Carmen Reyes, Representative and Coordinator of the Women in Science and Social Innovation NetworkHe pointed out that the current role of women in these fields is crucial to closing the gender gap within them.

“We were the first network established in 2018 and from there there are five more networks within the state. “We are doing something for women and girls in science and technology, and you as a generation have the power to close this gap.”

Before the opening of the event, certificates of appreciation were presented from The winners From the call for “Who Inspires You”, a competition held by COECYT via social networks Three women And they have contributed to the region in terms of science and technology.

Finally the doctor Mario Valdes Garza, General Manager of COECYT She opened the event, commenting that she wants this type of event to be an inspiration to all the teens who attend, because even though she points to increased work by women and girls on these topics through council convocations, there is still work to be done.

“Nowadays, there are more women in engineering professions and the number of women in leadership and entrepreneurship positions is increasing. Times have changed and they have changed for the better in many areas, and this makes me very happy and Coahuila has been one of the states most interested in providing these opportunities to achieve gender equality.” .

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