What a show! Shaneice Palacios steps out in a stunning dress inspired by the hot springs of Oaxaca

Shaneice Palacios

¡Shaneice Palacios Does it again! Miss Universe 2023, who admits she loves Latin fashion, paraded through New York Fashion Week this Saturday in a glamorous outfit inspired by the hot springs of Oaxaca, created by a Mexican couturier. Alonso Maximo.

In her own words the designer proudly describes her work for the big event: “This beautiful dress was designed to capture the essence of Oaxaca's stunning hot springs. With its elegant drapery and dazzling details, this dress is sure to steal everyone's attention.” And so it happened.

The bodice of the dress was embellished with exquisite Austrian crystals and pearls, creating an unmatched touch of sparkle and sophistication. “These elements reflect the beauty and purity of the water that boils in Oaxaca's hot springs,” Couturier explained.

The skirt of this dress was very special as it had beautiful embroidery that further accentuated its elegance with a certain craftsmanship. “Each stitch represents the care and dedication put into its creation,” notes Maximo.

And, of course, the creator of such a special outfit cannot forget to mention the final accessory that completes the magnificent ensemble: “A turban is specially designed to highlight the beauty and grace of the wearer,” he said. “This tiara is the perfect ending to our runway look and represents the crowning glory of elegance and style.”

Our Nicaraguan queen posed for several photos before the parade, showing off her glamorous makeup in earth tones and pink lips. So we were able to see the close-up details of the tiara and the pearl and rhinestone accessories that embellished the design.

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Shaneice PalaciosShaneice Palacios

Shaneice Palacios

The dress was truly a masterpiece, a blend of elegance and sophistication that made another dream come true for Miss Universe 2023 and turned Latin talent into style at New York Fashion Week. There's no doubt that nothing is stopping Shaneice Palacios from achieving his goals, and you can't miss his visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week.

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