CB members are required to submit their affidavits

Former Republican President Danilo Medina has announced that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will return to power in 2024, insisting that “no one will destroy it, no one will divide it”.

Performing a speech of more than 40 minutes, during the closing ceremony of the JosX Joaqun Bide Medina of the IX Ordinary Congress, which formed the organization, Medina renewed and strengthened this political system and is ready to fight to accept the government again in 2024.

In this regard, they are already preparing for the rights of the Dominicans because they have been before a government administration every time.

“This day undoubtedly marks the beginning of what will be our most glorious phase. The PLD is back, ladies and gentlemen, with more power, more ideas, more talent. No one, absolutely no one is going to stop him,” the former president said.

The former president promised to return the purple organization to its essence by saying “no to concessions and bad practices”, noting that there is no room for interests other than the country’s interests in the 2021 PLD.

“We did not come to the communities to talk about the vote, to divide the country or to cause chaos; we are coming to see what is needed and how to resolve it, and that is going to get the support of the people again,” Medina said.

The PLD, which declared that Medina, cable car, upgrades, infrastructure upgrades, nothing, could do this as Medina showed during its administration that it had undertaken the greatest modernization and transformation the country had ever seen. Delete.

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He advised party members not to forget their own history and that every moment of every conspiracy, every deviation, every moment of betrayal or hardship, this was always what happened:

“Remember this date, March 14, 2021, because you could say you were here in a few years, and on that day a new purple wave began to grow,” Medina said.

“We are clearly saying, People’s Party, we are 47 years old, we will continue, because we have promised and delivered. Because we have always been, in difficult times, defending democracy and social justice. Next to the people, in the neighborhood, in the fields.”

Medina revealed that the PLT will never again be an organization of people competing for control of two groups, and the challenges facing the country call the Purple Party a viable and credible alternative to the Dominicans.

The former president said he would dedicate himself “body and soul” to continuing to serve those most in need, and that the PLD would be renewed, strengthened and ready to fight in 2024.

“The time we have taken to organize and reflect on these months is very important. It is an exceptional congress with open discussions where all PLD members have received both voice and vote without exception,” Medina said after taking office as PLD leader.

The Secretary-General speaks
For his part, Charles Mariotti, secretary-general of the political establishment, said all those who left the PLD would return when they realized the incompetence of where they were.

IX Congress
Actions taken
PC PC members are required to submit an affidavit of assets.

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They prohibit the use of economic resources in internal internal propaganda.

Secretariat holders may not exceed two 4 year terms.

If the leaders of the CC Interim Committee are elected to the CC they will cease to function.

CC You must be a member for 5 years to aspire to CC.

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