Leak of Gustavo Pedro’s group record blunts campaign in Colombia | Colombia Presidential Election

Gustavo Pedro during a campaign event in Bogot on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.Fernando Vergara (AB)

Leak of serial records of different members of the campaign Gustavo Pedro They are discussing tactics to attack and humiliate his political rivals, who will meet him a few days before the second round of the presidential election. Rodolfo Hernandez, Promises to the cloud – even more so – the final extension of elections marked by the polarity between two conflicting options. From the historic agreement, the colorful left-wing coalition that supports Pedro feels they have fallen victim to espionage corruption, while the source of the leaks is still unclear, while from other political shores they have questioned their ways with new vigor. To campaign.

The controversy erupted after the press Week A video of the internal meetings attended by several members of the Left Alliance was released on Wednesday night. It is clear from the records, among other things, that they tried to control the damage in the campaign, in the prisons where the leaders of the historic treaty did not hand over the perpetrators, amidst the dust storm. “Social forgivenessPedro said. Or the way they planned to discredit Federico Pico Guterres, the right-wing candidate, undermined the preferences of Alejandro Gaviria, one of the candidates in the last coalition led by Sergio Fazardo.

The controversy erupted just before the Pedro Hernandez poll, which now points to a technical balance in the second round on June 19. The former mayor of Bukharamanga, an unclassified politician with a populist and anti-organizational rhetoric, who starred in leaks of violent or sexual statements, started the final extension with some advantage, but closed the Pedro gap. This Thursday he surpassed Hernandez for the second day in a row in ‘tracking’ done by GAD3 for the RCN channel, with 48.5% preferences compared to 46.7%. The 77-year-old businessman, who has already refused to appear for discussions with Pedro, announced this Thursday that he had decided that day as well. Cancel all his public performances Until the election, as he says, I fear for attempts against his life.

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In his first reaction, the leftist leader pointed out that his campaign was in fact a victim of a spy scandal. Week She was “disappointed” to see her rise in the polls. “They simply release the evidence that it was registered illegally. Who is it? Gave him the same records: the government. A ‘Watergate’ should be investigated by an independent commission, “he wrote on Twitter, promising to have several hours of journalism through the Columbia Humana – his movement – communication platform, and to publish them in full without editing or manipulation so that every citizen could make their own decisions. He asked.

The main protagonist of the many leaks that have been published so far – in some of which Petrov appeared, but rarely participates – is Senator Roy Barros. Regarding episodes of encounters with so-called “comparable people” in prisons, Barros suggests that corruption may “explode” in a controlled manner, even if the context is not so clear. In other posts, he proposes to distribute characters to take “political action” aimed at dividing the center, a common propaganda strategy, and goes on to “attack Alejandro Gaviria”.

“Fortunately when listeners hear this and other recordings, they find that being there is absolutely there Normal, legal, ”Barros defended himself in an interview earlier this Thursday Radius snail. “Of course there is not even an adjective or insult to the contestants. Marketing Election threats, ”he said, echoing a spy complaint launched by Pedro. The records make it clear that “our campaign was spied on, tampered with, infiltrated; what a crime”.

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One of the injured Alexander Gaviria, Has already indicated that he would like to vote for Pedro in the second round with some objections, considering it a “more responsible, institutional and liberal” transfer option. He recently told EL PAS that Rodolfo Hernandez’s government risks being underestimated by other people at the center. As a result of the spread videos, he released a new one Reflection on your social networks. “I have received many attacks. Some of them are disgusting and liars. Many attacks and slanders from the left and right (…) certainly hurt me. But I will not give up collecting hatred and grievances,” he wrote. And I think we need to think about the well-being of all and make decisions. “

Other political figures attacked a less compromising tone. Fico Gutierrez, from the right, who never stopped attacking Pedro during the campaign, said, “I not only do not share his ideas, I also reject his methods.” “They have spent years trying to destroy anyone who does not kneel before them. They use all kinds of fights. They will divide the tasks personally, and some will appear as angels in public. False. ”Fazardo, mentioned in the record, maintains Countless disagreements With Pedro splitting the alternative sector, they have made it clear that they do not want to vote for their plans, despite having several meeting points. “Clean politics can do that. Do not hesitate. The time will come. These are the same as always, ”he said.

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