Rodolfo Hernandez after an interview with the CEO of

Alexander Torrenegra, CEO of, interviewed presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, learned about his proposals, shared them with his followers, and asked a number of questions.

“Live with @ingrodolfohdez, one of Colombia’s two candidates for president. My purpose is to speak up, to know your proposals so that Colombians know who to vote for. I want to chat with both of them and I will start with Rodolfo, ”he wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter Torenegra.

In the virtual interview, more than 8,000 people joined Instagram, Others, including more than 100,000 viewers on Twitter and YouTube, spoke about the candidate’s digitalisation in Colombia. How do you implement an Internet connection program for people who do not yet have an Internet connection?.

Internet access throughout Colombia

The candidate spoke of giving priority to communities that do not have internet access, thus making it a privilege in the “digitization” of the country. To this end, he explained, it is necessary to estimate the cost of undertaking this initiative and, if so, to finance it with international organizations. He works according to contract.

He stressed the quality of the internet that the country should facilitate remote work to suit the community after the arrival of Govt-19.

Above and between laughs, the candidate told the CEO of “You are going to be the ambassador of the country. Software In Colombia “, for the design of” digitization “in the country.

Women in technology projects

On the other hand, the interviewer spoke about the low percentage of women who are immersed in the study Software And technology, To which the candidate said he would look for a reason why a woman should not be interested in this area which is gaining strength around the world. And will assist in his training.

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To all of the above, Hernandez talked about the costs required for a science and development project in the national budget, referring to the fact that “innovation and development politicians” refer to “other politicians unknown”. From there (…) the money is bureaucratic, and as a result you said ”, that is, Columbia is at the bottom of the list on this issue.

Entrepreneurship for “survival” in Colombia

Torenegra talked about the taxes that technology start-ups have to pay and how these can be a relief depending on the presidential candidate who wins the second round. Meanwhile, the candidate Association of Anti-Corruption Rulers He called for an analysis of the impact of the plan on the national budget and how it could help these small businesses “stay afloat on the path of growth”. In Colombia.

In addition, he talked about the 4 x 1000 line, in which Hernandez pointed out:

“You can not remove taxes without saying what you are changing,” the candidate explained, converting VAT to a “maximum 10%” consumption tax, thus eliminating the 4×1000 that “affects the poor and the rich”. Accurate.

What did they not ask Rodolfo Hernandez?

Faced with this question, the presidential candidate pointed out that no one had asked him about the financial catastrophe “leaving politicians” in the country, and for him, his political party offered a different opportunity: “Do not steal, do not. Betray, do not lie …”, who voted in the last election. Supported by six million Colombians.

Finally, Hernandez said, “We are ready to breastfeed (…) every day … I will hold a press conference on different topics … where I am going to invite 200 journalists and 100 citizens. If he is elected Colombia’s next president, they record his agenda daily and advertise how he implements plans in his government.

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“No one knows the box with the black glove they put in their heart (…) with the international debt that could not be paid in full …”, Rodolfo Hernandez concluded, “They killed Colombia, we are dying … work. We need to revive this.”

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