Cate del Castillo. This is his controversial reaction in the family video

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Cate del Castillo Celebrated the Christmas holidays With his family In Mexico City, although the video was recorded and shared by his sister, Veronica del Castillo, Created controversy on social websites from the protagonist R.Southern tool Looks like the camera didn’t like it.

At the beginning of the post, the journalist mentions that he is going to catch his relatives on Christmas night: “We are going to do a dance, relatives“.

What are you doing? Hello”, External Gate, waving his hand towards the cellphone, which some explained as covering the camera.

What? Say hello, this is Christmas, no Grinch“, Says his sister.

Veronica adds: “I want to show my cousins, my daughter-in-law“.

Later, the journalist shows Kate a necklace he gave her: “Look at how beautifully they gave“, In addition to his mother’s Christmas tree:”My mother mountain snake tree “.

This shows that the celebrity’s reaction is normal for many Internet users, who supported him with dozens of comments, for example:

“Beauty! How nice to see your family on this special day”, “She never wanted to post anything on social websites Photo tool He wants to enjoy only for his work and personally“,” Normal and Common, nDamn new Here too When there is hope and cheek we all take it “and Well, the truth is, not all of us like to have other people upload family and personal moments on the network.“.


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