Carol G takes the cover of Rolling Stone

Singer Carol G. He was overjoyed and took to his Instagram account to proudly display his card in the magazine Rolling stones The month of September.

Along with the photo shoot for the publication, she also gave an interview in which she talked about her appreciation. Celenda QuintanillaHe pays homage on his new album Tomorrow will be beautiful (pichota season).It transmits a lot of feminine energy.

“I’m not scared anymore because I know I’m over it”

In an interview with Rolling stonesThe Colombian recalls his previous album, Tomorrow will be better This helped her cope with the separation from her ex-fiancé. Anuel b, which he said was very exhausting and relatable: “Two weeks before the album came out, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. It was very difficult psychologically to express myself in my music. Imagine something like this happening to you and you have to tell millions of people what happened to you.

It was very difficult psychologically to be exposed in my music.”

Carol G.

So this new album seeks to project a new version of him and embraces the theme S91There’s a part of Psalm 91 that I already had ready, but it doesn’t match the previous one: “It’s a prayer for protection, my mother said that nothing should touch us. If I had included them, when people listened to the whole album, the story would have been lost.”

So he fully explained its purpose Bichota season: “It is about regaining confidence and getting rid of fear. It’s about a woman who is proud of where she is and everything she’s had to go through. Never giving up on yourself and always saying to yourself, ‘Go, you can do this’.

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He added: “It’s about my achievements as a person and my successes, but also in my career, the freedom of mind to enjoy anything in life without thinking too much about it.”

It’s about my achievements and my successes as a person, but also in my career.”

Carol G

She pointed out that she has messages for all women: “They teach us that celebrating something we have is wrong. And it’s not. We have to give ourselves credit first”, In addition, he said: “Many things have happened in my life that scare me. I’m not scared anymore because I know I’m over it.”

His love for Selena Quintanilla

The first single from the album My ex was right Anuel is said to be dedicated to AA, a tribute to one of his most admired artists. Selena Quintanilla, about which he commented: “For a lot of my life I was so obsessed with her that I cried because I knew I would never meet her. Where have I seen the interviews? Beyonce Talk about her. Any artist, regardless of their fame, knows who they are and recognizes them. It doesn’t matter if they speak English or Spanish.

This 2023 has been a great year for Carol G, thank you Tomorrow will be better She became the first woman to top the Billboard 200 with an album in Spanish.

In addition, he broke the attendance record for the City Concert Series where he performs Today’s show In New York’s Rockefeller Center Square, there were more than 15,000 people, according to city police.

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