JLo's clean makeup empowers women 50 and older

World trends beauty They range from bold to relaxed because, like fashion, variety is always at the fore. Major celebrities in Hollywood are showing this through themselves It seems It renews itself as a point of inspiration.

Jennifer Lopez She is one of the most knowledgeable celebrities about beauty and fashion, and has become an icon especially among women aged 50 and above. 54 years. With the release of her new album, “This Is Me Now,” the singer and actress renewed her PictureAfter a 10-year hiatus he is resuming his music career as evidenced by the interviews he gave to promote his album.

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JLo has restarted her music career, so she is promoting her album “This Is Me Now” and a movie of the same name. Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous in a clean makeup style

From his album arm, JLo He announced that he has also worked on a film of the same name. To promote the film, Ben Affleck's wife gave various interviews and auditioned Clean makeup It has a cosmetic technique that has a glowing skin effect. Since the goal is to look like you're wearing no makeup, skin care is key to this look.

To get this seeThe “Get Right” and “Jenny from the Block” singer primarily used three products: Light foundation, Embarrassingly And Glowing. Make-up is deepened by shadows in neutral ranges and a faint eyeliner. The clean makeup of “The Diva of the Bronx” was completed with a Natural glow.

To achieve clean makeup, Jennifer Lopez takes care of her skin with products from her beauty line. JLo beauty page.

JLo is beautiful

However, the most important thing is for Jennifer Lopez Skin care Because this is how you take care of your skin. That's why it maintains Healthy color And looks good at 54, so she gets plenty of compliments. On her social media, the “I'll Kill You If You Get Married” actress shared that she uses products from her beauty line for her skin care. JLo is beautiful.

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The dancer and entrepreneur's brand is broad, but she recommends three products, mainly: Gel Cream Cleanser, Serum And Hydrating cream. In fact, Jennifer Lopez promises an “essential skincare trio” that can be complemented with other products to suit each individual's needs.

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