Carol G raises the temperature in a tight swimsuit

Carol G Due to her ‘Strip Love Tour’ tour in the US, she has been on the cover of major websites around the world. Columbiar has already appeared in Brooklyn, and Miami, Orlando and Atlanta are on the way. In October, he packs his bags for shows in Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston, where the tour ends on November 2.

After fulfilling one of his dreams, such as a presentation in New York at the famous Madison Square Garden, Carol G I post her private moment on social networks where she is loved and supported a lot. From their stories Instagram The reggaeton singer left behind summaries of his concerts, including his duet with Ozuna. “The bear came,” said the artist.

Carol G poses. Source: Instagram.

Ozuna appeared on the show Carol G To explain some songs like ‘Caramelo Remix’ which they released in August 2020. Among other images that Pichota dedicated to his colleague, “Six years ago we made our first song: “Hello” and ¡ we already have four songs together! Always grateful.”

Recently, as part of a preview of their new presentations, Carol G It was shown on the social network of the camera with a hot look in her room. With a bubblegum pink swimsuit top, her new hair style and a defiant look, she turned up the heat.

Carol G poses. Source: Instagram.

Across the postcards, a video of her smiling is also highlighted, Carol G She has been adding comments and compliments on her present and her beauty, resulting in over 3 million likes.

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