Caliber 50 loses Eden Munoz, leaving them to go it alone

Famous singer of the band Caliber 50, Eden Munoz, He has just announced his departure from the band Regional Mexican Start your New projectAs this time Solo artist.

The band members also got the message that this new stage was very important to him and in practice he should definitely be very grateful for being able to be a part of it, the benefit of singing with them.

Followers of his decision were surprised, but many supported and gladly accepted him, already waiting for the entertainment he could create in it. New version Of itself Music.

It’s a bit of a personal photo, but we do not know exactly what it is Titles After explaining the songs in the band for over 12 years, he would definitely do it well.

It is known that in the Caliber 50 there were always more complex situations, there were many frictions internally, although initially they were well accustomed, they moved to a situation where they are no longer familiar. Well.

This happens, and when a team spends too much time together for the sake of work, there is no doubt that now he can get a break for himself. Those songs that he writes, because he also has the ability to do it.

The band’s fans are a little worried, he’s one of the people in charge of the lyrics, who donated in many situations that happened within the band, a terrible loss to them, but they support him.

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It will be interesting to see this new phase of Edén Muñoz in music, we recommend staying on Show News and do not miss the extra news and interest about celebrities in the world of entertainment.

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