Carmen Villalobos has the original bikini of the season for its romantic and chic design

Celebrities make the most of the last rays of sunlight Fall entry And go to heavenly places dressed like never before. Beachwear. As happened to the actress Carmen Villalobos, A sophisticated and romantic who flaunted her enviable figure Pink swimsuit It made her one of the best dressed the season.

“What a great way to end this Saturday.”. Remember that happiness is not a goal, it is a lifestyle and your own decision. “My beautiful people are loved,” is the message Actress, 40 years oldAlong with a series of postcards in which she is seen posing by a pool and wearing an extravagant black mask from the French fashion house. Christian Dior.

Carmen Villalobos in a romantic pink bikini. Photo: IG @cvillaloboss

The actress “Women’s Scented Coffee” On Netflix, she draws sighs with a swimsuit that stands out for its originality in its design, as it has a futuristic effect, all without detracting from the romantic and chic touch that Villalobos tried to maintain with the tones of the set. He The bikini has a classic triangle shape – the highlight of the collection that the presenter also owns – but it highlights her enviable figure with her Brazilian style.

For an even more feminine style, Carmen Villalobos She perfectly outlined her figure in a tight-fitting pink dress with a swimsuit. The back of the dress has a plunging neckline sensuality It is very characteristic and a small opening at the bottom provides comfort and fit while walking Hot days.

Carmen Villalobos oozes elegance in a tight pink dress. Photo: IG @cvillaloboss

Bikinis with romantic style by Carmen Villalobos

The light tones, Perfect for lovers of pink, purple, white, pink and light blue Sophisticated, chic and romantic style During your beach vacation. If added to these Floral prints You’ll have the perfect dress to steal the show while highlighting your figure and body. The leather is tanned Thanks to the fact that the colors give more emphasis to the natural highlights of the skin.

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Carmen Villalobos’ feminine looks on vacation. Photo: IG @cvillaloboss

A perfect example is the bikini worn by Carmen Villalobos back then Vacations in Puerto Rico, Well, the actress wore a delicate dress Triangular design And deep neckline color Vibrant pink It has a floral print in brown tones that creates a perfect harmony. He complemented it with a cap And mermaid-style waves in her hair.

This season the Blue is a favorite pIt enhances swimwear thanks to the romantic, elegant and delicate look it offers in a sheer tone. If you complement it with ruffles, you will get the perfect girly look, which is how it was shown. Carmen Villalobos With the bikini, she flaunted these little details on the hems of the bra and the cut of the lower part of the dress.

Blue swimsuit by Carmen Villalobos. Photo: IG @cvillaloboss

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