Carmen Salinas: Today is Saturday, December 4 How is your health?

Last Thursday, at dawn on November 11, Carmen was admitted to Salinas Hospital Emergency due to cerebral hemorrhage and had to be infused. Currently SStill stable, but in natural coma. Unfortunately, according to doctors, the damage he suffered seems irreversible, but despite the predictions of his family, friends and fans, he has not lost hope that he can recover well.

Recently Salinas’ cousins ​​actress nLess and less need artificial respirationIn addition to responding to various physical stimuli, doctors are still examining the extent of his stroke.

And the politician’s granddaughter Carmen Placencia described Your grandmother gets automatic breathing aids so it will act immediately on the moment they inhale and inactivate when she does it. Over the next few days Carmelita will be evaluated to find out the status of the neurotransmitters., As he said for the Hoi project.

Everyone hopes that the actress will do well. Photo: Special.

There are signs of hope

Plasencia explained that Carmelita responded to certain stimuli, This is a good sign that, in addition, all the family and friends who meet her are trying to talk to her and see if it triggers any response. This week the businessman is said to have suffered a brain hemorrhage. Fortunately, Carmen Salinas’ luck allowed her to receive a good treatment.

The actress underwent surgery to ease food and breathing. “They successfully performed tracheostomy and gastrostomy, the surgical intervention was carried out without any complications and he was consistent in the severity of his condition,” the update read on the former PRI deputy’s official social networks.

Beyond controversy, the way he expresses himself or enters politics, Carmen Salinas is the most affected. It started when she married pianist Pedro Placencia, with whom she wanted to start a family, but had problems with pregnancy, had multiple miscarriages, and one of her babies born at seven months died in childbirth, so this was another. To fight and win.

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