Anti-action slogans and statements appear on the bills of various US companies.


4 dic 2021 08:43 GMT

Although it looks like a joke on social media, it could be the work of hackers.

In the US, Reddit users in recent weeks have decried the appearance of anti-work slogans and statements on their pay slips encouraging them to demand better wages and to organize for better working conditions.

“Do you get paid poorly? You have a protected legal right to discuss your salary with your co-workers (…) Bad salaries exist only because people ‘wish’ to work for them,” one of the receipts states. subscriber on the social network.

At the end of all messages you are invited to visit a social communication On Reddit known as “Antiwork”, which has amassed thousands of followers and gained popularity, and where unions, low-paid jobs and abusive employers are discussed.

While it looks like a joke on social media, according to the digital magazine Motherboard From Vice, this phenomenon could be the work of hackers who managed to sabotage receipt printing machines of various companies.

Andrew Morris, a cybersecurity expert, confirmed to the media that he worked remotely. Commands to print receipts from the Internet were sent to compromised printers, taking advantage of security weaknesses in some of them.

Morris notes that “thousands of printers have been exposed” and thus it is difficult to confirm the exact number of computers compromised. “The person or people behind this are distributing the bulk print from 25 separate servers, so blocking one IP address is not enough,” he explains.

Some Internet users do not believe that it is the work of “hackers” and suggest that the data is false and printed by workers of the affected enterprises. Others believe it is all part of a conspiracy to show that Antiwork is involved in illegal acts and to undermine its credibility.

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