Carlos Adien: “Everything happens in my kitchen”

Buying a home is not the first, second, or third choice – these days – on the priority list for the 20 to 25-year-old. The truth is, most people want to travel, thrive professionally, and continue their education.

For the Puerto Rican anchor and journalist Carlos Adian BenitezInstead, owning a house was a dream that he always wanted to achieve. Television. Both goals that seemed out of reach for Gayayan are now part of his reality.

A man who left his hometown in search of better opportunities at the age of 15, receives millions of viewers in his second home, Monday through Friday. “At Home with Telemundo”With Puerto Rican Aleida Ortiz. In Miami FloridaThe city that saw him establish himself as one of the main talents of the Hispanic television network is a place he shares with his dog Nico Canelo and his cat Jovan.

El Nuevo Día magazine He had access to Benitez’s favorite place in the house, the kitchen. First, a magnificent island takes up the field of view. However, the closer you get, the details start to matter.

“I prefer dark tones for decoration, not for clothing. This kind of darkness is the best, because there is a lot of light in the house and it is a good contrast, because the kitchen (cabinets), for example, is black and I combined it a little with the white island, thus creating a balance, except that the floor is gray”. The interlocutor described buying his first property at the age of 25.

Carlos Adian chose all the details to set the scene for his kitchen. (provided)

The game of contrasts continued round about with the marble dining set. Jokingly, the charismatic presenter, Wood Touches is presented by Niko, who said he also enjoys the space.

Benitez, however, considers himself a fan Interior decoration, is fully responsible for selecting every detail that completes the system. In this process, he said, he is not alone. Many expert friends served as mentors and collaborators.

“The cobbler. For me, decorating the house is very important, it is a house that I have dreamed of. So Angel Lavra, who designed the ‘At Home with Telemundo’ studio, helped me put everything into perspective because I had already told him what I wanted. So, he executed the plan, it was love at first sight when he gave it to me, and we did it, and when they handed over the kitchen to me, we went shopping for the little details,” he said.

Contrary to what many people think, it is the kitchen that led the award carpets Bill Board And Your urban music It is not luxury. By these times, the farm played a fundamental role in the personal and social life of the Puerto Rican.

“I love cooking, it’s one of my forms of therapy. Not that I’m very creative in cooking, but it’s one of my favorite things. Everything happens in my kitchen. People go around the island a little bit when they’re having fun, and that’s how they spend their nights”, who has best friends. He explained that. Maribili River And Andrea Mesa.

Although he describes himself as “the best host in the world” who loves guests, he also says he has a “trouble” with cleaning. In conversation with this medium, an expert on the issues Entertainment It turned out that he was one of those who washed the first plate when it got dirty.

“I’m a bit of a nuisance because I start cleaning as soon as people arrive, it’s not like I’m kicking them out of the house. It’s a way to save time. When we share together, I clean and when everyone leaves, I don’t have any tasks left.”He commented.

Through the advice, Benitez, as he revealed, is at a critical moment in his life, advising all readers who are in the process of buying a property. He pointed out that the first thing they should do is get financial guidance.

“You can buy a house in 25. Orientation wise I could have bought earlier if the required components were available. There are many plans, many efforts to achieve the big dream of owning your own home. Focus is also important and being clear about what we want. So, instead of spending money on unnecessary things, let’s use economic resources better,” he pointed out.

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