Natty Natasha releases new version of “La falta que me haces” and talks about her life with Raphy Pina in prison

Nutty Natasha wrote “La Falta Que Me Haze” to her partner, Rafi Pina, who is in prison in Puerto Rico.

Naughty Natasha She was encouraged to share all the process she went through while having her husband Robbie Bina In prison after a conviction in Puerto Rico. The Dominican singer made a new version of her song “La Falta Que Me Haze,” this time in bachata, dedicated to her partner.

In an interview ‘The Spanish People’, Naughty As Robbie Pina was sentenced to 36 months in prison, she said she was trying to express everything she had in her heart last year through the song.

“When I sang this song at an award function [Latin American Music Awards] I did it for fun because it was the message I wanted to take to Rafi. A moment of weakness for Nutty for many, for me it was an empowering moment. It’s a song composed by José Favela, who created “the best version of me,” he explained.

For the Dominican singer, the public has embraced her new song because they feel identified with the lyrics.

“But I saw it for their mothers, for their partners, for those who were not with them at the time, for those who were in another country, for those who missed them, for those who needed them, whether they were alive or not, who had dedicated their lives. . It had a great impact on me, because I said: ‘You go through difficult times. You go through, and there are people who go through hard times’, and you support yourself. It’s special, it’s magical.

Nutty Natasha wrote “La Falta Que Me Haze” to her partner, Rafi Pina, who is in prison in Puerto Rico.

“People have been very supportive, they have supported a lot, they continue to support me and it fills me with more energy, I continue to work hard, with more love. That song I sang at that time got me a lot of support.

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Or now I decided to do it in bachata. I thought about working on bachata, but a group of musicians from the Republic dared to start it before me, and they sent me a video of musicians, one playing bass, the other playing guitar. They did it and it was crazy,” he said.

translator “I don’t remember” She also shared what it’s like to raise her daughter alone. The singer points out that although there is a lot of pain, hers is small Life of Isabel It supports you and helps you move forward.

“She wakes me up, she’s my clock, my alarm, she gives me kisses, hugs me to wake me up or pulls my hair.” “She is still at home with me and my relatives, but I teach her everything she needs to learn now (…). When I travel, he comes with me (…) He needs to see and feel that mom is working and learn. , I have to watch everything I do,” he said.

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