Elon Musk and his new artificial intelligence company

In the digital world, the most informative news of the past few hours is the imminent creation of a new artificial intelligence company. This is X.AI, registered by Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter and Tesla.

On March 9, Musk filed his new Nevada company as a national company where he was listed as the sole director. It will also have the direct involvement of a secretary who will be Jared Birchall.

In this regard, Musk is assembling a team of artificial intelligence researchers and engineers. On the other hand, the businessman also intends to hold talks with several investors about the project. For this scheme, the Twitter CEO reportedly acquired thousands of high-powered GPUs.

What are the cases of opinion in it?

The creator of the new company also expressed in an interview that AI has the potential to be incredibly destructive. In this sense, the businessman emphasized that this kind of artificial intelligence has enough potential to destroy civilization.

Therefore, creating such a company is far from what Musk has said in recent weeks about the new technology. Meanwhile, he signed a letter calling for at least a six-month break in training AI systems.

Likewise, Elon Musk is aware of recent research findings on the subject. Leading AI labs are showing that these competitive human intelligence systems can pose profound risks to society and humanity.

Although it is correct to clarify that Musk is not a “newbie” in these matters. Just remember that in 2015, Musk co-founded a similar company called OpenAI. Therefore, your new proposal can compete with this previous project.

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