Carabineros will create space for excuses in Sunday’s referendum

  • In police stations, excuses are only accepted for being more than 200 kilometers away from the polling place.

On Sunday, a new electoral process will be held in our country, within the framework of the founding process. Voting “for” or “against” will once again bring together millions of people throughout Chile and beyond. Compulsory voting, yes, there are excuses for not going to vote, one of them is being more than 200 kilometers away from the voting place.

This excuse must be given because of the distance to the carabinero, and it is the only excuse given at police stations on the same day of voting. At the local level, the leading carabineros commissioner Jorge GuzmanHe explained that “The only excuse given at the police station is that they are more than 200 kilometers away from their polling station. On that day we will have staff exclusively to carry out these records and we will enable them from the left side of the unit.”

In this context, Guzman commented on this “The last elections, about 650 excuses were made during the day, and this was done on the day of the 17th itself, and not before or after it. All remaining excuses, whether due to a medical condition or any other type of circumstance, must be kept in reserve and announced when summoned to the local police court.

Regarding the possibility of implementing the procedure electronically through the “virtual police station,” the major explained this “This can be done through the virtual police station, however, what the virtual police station will give you is a QR code, and this code must be validated at the police station in person, therefore, anyone who wants to do this can do so. But you must verify this in person.

Also, in the context of the police deployment during the day and security preparations outside the polling stations, the Commissioner confirmed that “A security perimeter will be established in all schools appointed as inspectors, with the aim of active cooperation with the citizens themselves; This means, in addressing the issue of vehicular congestion, pickets have been reserved for emergency vehicles.

Finally, Major Jorge Guzman pointed this out “The call targets the social conscience that people who will vote should have, we know that there are many people who will arrive at the building and the idea is to pretend that they do not want to park the car right at the door of the building, and thus will be able to make this process flow faster.” Available time.

The Carabineros will set aside a special space to receive excuses for the referendum on December 17.

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