Diego Vasquez talks about his “advantage” ahead of the final against Olympia de Troglio


Diego Vasquez went into the goal-a-goal microphones to talk about how the fight against Marathon was and the upcoming final series against Olympia.

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“We played well, we had a good semi-final against a good team like Marathon, we beat them with authority in 180 minutes despite refereeing errors, without which we would have won it, not quietly, but with more authority, Selwyn Brown tipped the field”, he began to say.

And he delved into the topic. “He had major errors, even the fourth official told him about some of the fouls he called against him and he called them for Marathon and Armando Castro told him no. What happened yesterday at Yankel was very strong and that’s why we suffered more than we needed, but we were also fair winners in 180 minutes. We were also finalists.

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Argentina’s helmsman, who won five titles at the helm of the spoiled team, assured: “I know them all, I had some mates in the national team who were not in Motagua and I invited Yeason. Mejia himself for the tour of Saudi Arabia, which is an advantage because it makes things easier for you and the adaptation time is faster.

Asked about his new fight with Pedro Troglio. “I’m still thinking about yesterday’s game, I have to analyze it, I don’t want to talk about what’s to come now, I watched the game against Genesis, but tomorrow I’ll start watching everything, I’ll go back, but I’ll tell you honestly, I’m a little bit busy with the team We have to look at the previous classics that we have played, so we have a lot of work to do to define the game plan.

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Diego assured that they are yet to define the date for the first leg of the Grand Final, where they will be the home club. “Tomorrow, Monday, we are going to meet the directors, we have not decided yet, we have to see the decision joint, the availability of the stadium, we have played in one of the two on Saturday and Sunday. days.”

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