A goal that Monyen didn’t allow well and took up space, by Parnecia Monteiro

in Athletic Barcelona Exciting and very intense, Extremaduran Jill ManzanoHe ran a lot and being in a good position he controlled it at all times, applying the law of advantage and letting in a lot of play, he wasn’t penalized in several simulated knockouts, and he managed to give the game fluidity. Cards shown to Inaki Williams, Sergi Roberto And cyanosis They were due, although I should have given a warning in the 20th minute Raul Garcia Clear step by step Busquets And at 60 ‘l visga to enter harsh in Javi.

VAR for Gonzalez Gonzalezafter a review and an assistant’s foul in nullifying it, hits the 45′ +1 mark by giving a goal Ravenha, which was not offside. And in the 89′ minute, he called well Jill Manzano Let’s see if it’s a hand Moonyin before a goal Inaki Williams. The main referee was right in nullifying a goal Inaki with the previous hand from Moonyin Understanding that this person has an arm separate from the body that occupies space.

Being a crasher with many falls and physical contact, I get that Jill Manzano He was right in being lenient with the footballers’ numerous and light protests, conveying calm, imposing his authority in a hard-to-judge match.

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