Buckell: “New delegates can’t charge pleasure trips”

He promised to talk to various departments, but warned that he would not negotiate with Arena or FMLN. Together, they add 470,000 voters, whose parties the president closes the doors of conversation.

“El Salvador will not be a dictatorship,” President Naib Bukele told the National Network this Sunday, where he said the results of the February 28 election would give the ruling party a majority.

“Many are now wondering what will happen to our democratic institutions,” the president said. He replied: “Well, what should happen is, just as the people elect a president and give him power … Similarly, the people elect new representatives to elect secondary officials so that it does not intimidate anyone.” .

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The president insisted that the people vote for a legislature with 61 representatives from Ghana and the New Ideas (NI). “More than a million 900,000 people voted for Vince or NI in the election, half a million more than we did in 2019 when we won the Republican presidency.”

He added that after the elections the people decided that the Arena and FMLN votes were irrelevant. However, Arena won 14 seats with 295,000 votes (only 9 and 5 in the coalition), while FMLN won 4 seats with 175,000 votes. Together they add 470,000 voters, whose parties the president closes the doors of conversation.

Furthermore, the President promised to establish dialogue with various sections of the community. “We will talk to people above all about social and community organizations, analysts, academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, unions, trade unions, etc.,” he later warned: “But we will not negotiate with Arena and FMLN or their satellites.”

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In this regard, he commented that with the election results, people have said that “they have enough votes to do what they think is best for the country”.

He also said that Salvadorans has issued another order to NI representatives: “The new delegates will not be like the previous ones, they will not be able to charge pleasure trips, they will not be able to go to the World Cup with state resources, they will not have ghost seats, they will not have advisers’ advisers, or they will not have a huge board of directors like the current one. They may regret not getting the black briefcase because there is no such thing as not being able to negotiate with their regular financiers and they should have known that the people voted to expel them from the assembly. ”

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Just as they elected and praised the new officers, Buckell warned that they would be hated and expelled by the people.

“The same goes for new mayors, look in the mirror of outgoing mayors,” he added.

In his message, he said elected representatives should go out to meet the 27 percent of people who do not vote for them and provide them with works such as health, education, security, opportunities and other Salvador.

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