Brendan Fraser recalls the scene he almost died on the set of “The Mummy”: “Everyone was so quiet”

Brendan Faser spoke on The Kelly Clarkson Show about the time he almost died on the set of “The Mummy.”

Brendan Fraser He returned to the scene after many years Hollywood And he did it by recalling some of the funniest moments from his time on the recording set.

Recently, the actor was nominated Oscar Best Actor for his role in the film “The Whale”Visited the program “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and narrated a somewhat tragic incident.

During filming “The Mummy”Fraser played Rick O’Connell, a hanged character in one scene. However, what should have been a simple pastime ended with the actor Almost died of suffocation.

Brendan Fraser’s suffocation scene in The Mummy

“I was at the tip with the rope around my neck and the director Stephen Sommer He ran to me and said: ‘Hey, you don’t really look like you’re choking’”, starting by narrating that before this, he had to try a little harder. Well, well, one more take, he thought.

A few minutes later, the set is settled and another shot of the scene is taken again, but this time trying to make it more authentic.

“The guy holding the rope above me pushed up a little bit and I was on my toes,” Fraser continued, but at one point, It was still held in the air when it was lifted, so it had no chance of moving.

When he lost consciousness it was: “My elbow was in my ear, the world was on its side, I had gravel in my teeth, and everyone was very quiet.”.

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A few minutes later, the actor was surprised by Sommer’s statement and to this day can’t remember not laughing: “Congratulations, you’re in the club. The same thing happened to Mel Gibson.A brave heart‘”The director said while adding him to the list of people who fainted during a shoot.

After the episode, the actor entered the fainting club during a recording (REUTERS)

Years ago, in 1999, he declared David Letterman That, in this scenario, “Technically I was dead. A doctor told me 12 or 14 seconds..

However, this episode was not the first such incident in his career. One of the biggest Hollywood stars of the ’90s and an all-time leading man, he used his body to portray all kinds of characters over the years in front of the camera.

This led to him gaining and losing weight for certain roles, and suffering from an illness Brief memory loss He tried to achieve a statuesque physique by starving himself so much “George of the Jungle”. For this, in addition, he underwent eight months of training.

Fraser gained weight to star in “The Whale” (AP).
In “Jorge de la Selva,” the actor had to lose weight to an extreme point (Getty Images)

These accidents are caused by Fraser No stunt doubles In his films, on the contrary, he does dangerous scenes himself on the set. Although he believed that his body could go with him through all the preparation and drastic changes that each story required, after a while he began to feel pain, bruises, and had to undergo surgery to repair the damage. Falling accidents on sets.

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