Marifer Centeno analyzes Anahi as RBD returns: “Keep your head down”

According to Marifer Centeno (Photo: TikTok), Anahi maintains her essence and gestures.

This weekend revolutionized the world of Latin pop with the first concert of the tour I am Rebel Journey 2023Along with the band RBD He returned to the stage to entertain the thousands of fans who were waiting for this come back For 15 years.

One of the most successful groups in recent years, not only in Mexico, but also from various parts of Latin America, will end at the Azteca Stadium with a series of concerts that began in the United States this 2023. Mexico City next December 21.

One of the outfit changes at the start of the anticipated tour (Tw: @RBDFotosHQ)

The band made a temporary comeback AnahiChristian Chávez, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann and Maite Perroni have caused quite a stir since the news broke, with tickets going on sale in a matter of hours.

In addition, Ponzo Herrera of RBD, who decided not to join the project, sent a message to his former colleagues and shared the joy of seeing the group that made him famous at the beginning of this millennium back on stage; For their part, the five members who make up the band were very excited about Ambitious’ first concerts. Tour.

Anahi, Dulce and Mite star in a moment that will be immortalized in a photo that is obviously iconic (Tw: @@BiaHutche1)

And so it is Marifer RyA graphologist, who regularly analyzes celebrities’ body language and handwriting, studied the face. AnahiPerhaps the most famous member of RBD, when he was getting ready to sing the song save meOne of the group’s biggest hits came out of the telenovela produced by Pedro Damian Televisa.

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On her TikTok account, the cartographer recreated images from RBD’s backstage concerts and analyzed the soap opera actress’ gestures. Two houses And Angels without heaven.

“God. Look at Anahi’s face of emotion and gratitude. So grateful Bow your headShe puts her hand over her mouth like she’s incredulous about what she’s going through, and she can’t say everything she’s feeling because there shouldn’t be any words,” she said.

The expert explained that Anahi knows how to stay true to his essence, and from more than a decade of winning projects. be quiet And Your love is little Done, politician Manuel Velasco’s wife maintains her charm.

The graphologist gave his opinion on the RBD vowel

“Raise the hand in triumph and see how excited the face is. The face is completely grateful. What is this? It’s a mini-hug. When you put your hand, for example on the neck, and you bring it closer to a middle zone, you It’s a big emotion to watch and it’s a small hug in body language.

“We see how the gestures that we had when we met her are maintained, look how interesting this is, the essence of Anahi is definitely the same as everyone else, but she respects it, cares for it, grows, but maintains the naturalness and this emotion when singing.”, he highlighted.

The band will close the ‘Soy Rebelde Tour 2023’ at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City (Photo: @alex1ero).

The 40-year-old singer’s gesture represents pride in her career and shows her appreciation for her fans’ support, which has remained strong over the years.

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Excitement, ecstasy, with gratitude. What we see now is an Anahi who knows that his fans adore him out there, who knows that he is very talented. ‘All the while we sang it with a broken heart’. Her posture is noticeable, upright and proud of who she is and what she has achieved. I am Marifer Centeno and she is great Anahi,” concluded the popular graphologist.

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