Victim ‘bought’ handmade sandals for $1,500 and was scammed in Cuscatlán

The Public Prosecutor of the Republic arrested an alleged gang engaged in fraud and extortion in the vicinity of the country.

by David Cannings
March 02, 2023 – 09:37

A scammer was selling handmade sandals and someone decided to buy them. But he had to hand over $1,500for which she handed over the money and ended up defrauding Cuscatlán

This was one of the cases resolved after an operation carried out by the Cuscatlan Public Prosecutor’s Office with the aim of dismantling a gang of fraudsters and extortionists.

According to the tax report, the victim in the sandals case did not receive the product at the time agreed upon with the defendant, nor did he return the amount that was delivered. After making the deposit, they had no contact back with the seller.

Early Thursday morning, the FGR carried out another operation in Zacatecoluca, La Paz. The suspects posted a sale of a car on social media and an affected person contacted them and asked for his bank account number. with this data They entered their digital banking services And they stole $2,000.

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In addition, another victim denounced it They sold him a car with a stolen report So he turned him in to the authorities. These events occurred in April 2022. 13 arrests were made.

Additionally, at Masada de Olocuilta, La Paz, in 2021, The blind man was a victim of robbery; The accused entered his home and stole goods and money.

On the other hand, in September 2022, Victim Received an invite from the Telegram app To make an alleged investment in digital currencies With the promise of big profits.

“The victim was deceived, the money deposits however He was no longer heard from who incited himIt stated in the report.

The operation carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the vicinity, in the early hours of Thursday, March 2. photo/FGR_SV

The scammer has outgrown his role as an investor in digital platforms

In another incident, the Public Prosecutor’s Office arrested David Antonio Moreno Castro who apparently made the victims believe he was I was invested through digital platforms.

However, it was all a scam He made 11 people fall for the scam It will award more than $48,000. He will be charged with fraud.

David Moreno will be charged with fraud. Photo / Attorney General of the Republic

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