False coins can fetch up to $24,000 – NBC Bay Area 48

Many people carry thousands of dollars worth of coins in their pockets and don’t even know it.

A site that specializes in collecting coins, Spruce Crafts, He explains that there are many coins that are circulated after being minted and have printing errors.

Some coins have additional elements, while others have casts of letters or double elements.

Many of these coins have printing errors

The seven highest value coins minted in the United States are:

1 – A penny with the face of Abraham Lincoln, minted in 1969, has a double seal.

A woman in Texas found one worth $24,000 in her home, but these coins are extremely rare.

2 – Another penny with Lincoln’s face, but from 1970, has a double appearance of the word Liberty, in addition to the height of the number 7.

This penny is probably worth around $3,500.

3 – This penny with Lincoln’s face bears the double stamp of the words God We Trust and Freedom. With the help of a magnifying glass, you can see the double print on the edges.

This coin has a face value of $500 and a numismatic grade of EF-40.

Check your pockets if you have one.

4 – 2004 Wisconsin State Fair Quarterly.

This coin has a corn or a leaf repeated from corn. According to the specialty site, these coins are valued at $200 and $300.

5 – Another penny minted with Lincoln’s face in 1999 has an error in the letters A and M of the word America (they appear wider).

These coins can be worth anywhere from $5 to $600.

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1983 Lincoln cent copy made with error; Only about 5,000 people are known to have it.

6 – A 1982 coin with Roosevelt’s face does not have a letter indicating where it was struck. For example, those printed in Philadelphia should have the letter P, those in Denver the letter D, and those printed in San Francisco the letter S.

These coins lack these letters and hence their value is higher. These coins range in value from $30 to $50.

7 – 2007 dollar coin, called President. In some of these coins, the letters found on the sides of the coin are missing.

These coins can be worth anywhere from $50 to $3,000.

Check your pockets, purses and drawers as you may have one or more of these coins in your possession.

It is recommended to review them with a magnifying glass, then take them to a numismatist (coin) to determine if this is one of the error coins and confirm the value.

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