Book fair in Ciego de Ávila, a comprehensive space

Ciego de Ávila, May 14 (ACN) Making the book fair a more inclusive space is the commitment made by the organizing board of the Ciego de vila Literature Festival, by including among the highlights of the event, the International Book Fair in Braille.

Yiannis Santos Neves, Director of the Regional Book Center, explained at a press conference that this event is included for the first time in the program of activities of the Avelanian Fair, scheduled for May 19-22.

Carlos Abel Ramírez Vega, Head of the National Department of Culture at the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (ANCI) in the territory, commented that based on the premise: The world is under my fingers, books in Braille will be delivered to the blind. From all ages.

Among the activities planned, an exhibition of narrated films and cultural presentations by students from Águedo Morales private school, amateur artists from ANCI and José Sirio Inda Hernández House of Culture stand out.

Ramirez Vega thanked the organizing committee for making this space available, which represents a great opportunity for blind people, who do not always have easy access to literature in its physical form.


Santos Neves explained that another distinguishing feature of this version of the exhibition is the synchronization of actions with the municipality of Morón.

As the most important cultural centers in the province, the city of gates and the city of Al-Dik were chosen to host the event, but it will be expanded by creating a role for libraries, to communities that lack spaces such as libraries and libraries.

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The directive stated that the exhibition, being a follow up to the event held in Havana, would also be dedicated to the Luis Alvarez Alvarez National Prize for Literature and the United States of Mexico would be the guest of honor.

In honor of the memory of Avelanian authors who died during the pandemic, the works they left behind in the publishing process, such as The Case of Cadaver Publico, will be presented by journalist José Aurelio Paz.

Among the expected writers, Ciro Bianchi, Pedro Jimenez and directors of the publishing houses Extramuros and Monte Callado stand out, who will give lectures and present their literary products.

Maciel Mateus Trujillo, head of literature at the Regional Book Center, reports that four thousand titles will be sold, including 600 works as novelties and 16 of these are new books signed by authors from the yard.


Some of the texts of Avelanian writers are: Where the Birds Go Lonely at Night, by Eduardo Pino; In the Shadow of the Sorcerer, by Yasmane Rodriguez Alfaro; Shipwreck Words, by Yamila Vera; Daniela Stories by Dania Silvia Suri. This Big Children, The Testimony of Shadows, by Leonsky Bouquet.

Mateus Trujillo reports that, unlike in previous years, POS will be placed in cultural institutions corresponding to the specialization of each field.

The main sites in Ciego de Ávila will be El Ariete, the Juan Antonio Márquez Library, the Museums of History and Decorative Arts, the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), the History Archives, and the José Sirio Inda Hernández House of Culture.

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In Moron, the venues will be the Library of Modern Poetry, the Konapo Museum, and the House of Culture and Cinema.

Eduardo Pino González, promoter of the Book Center, commented that the latest novelty that the fair brings is the literary festival organized by the Hermanos Saíz association, La Llave Pública and the bookstore through the ENZONA platform.

The Book Fair in Ciego de Ávila was conceived as a space where different artistic manifestations meet, in order to enrich the moment of presentation and commercialization of texts.

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