Bolivia expelled Cuban activist Jorge Castro at the request of the Castro dictatorship

The Cuban activist has 15 days to leave the country

Cuban activist Jorge Castro This Monday condemned the situation Bolivian He expelled him at the request of the Havana regime in response to complaints about human rights and the lack of freedom on the island.

“The reason is my activity on social media against the Cuban dictatorship and human rights abuses happening in my country.”, he promised in a video published on his social networks, in which he said that they gave him 15 business days to leave the country.

“This is so serious that the Bolivian government is deporting a legal resident,” he added.

Prior to the summons, he expressed his surprise at the immigration summons as he assured him that there was no impropriety in his legal situation.

As he described it, the officials who met him at the immigration office had detailed documents about his networks. “The officers who attended me had a file with each of my publications on social networks, as they are used by the state security in Cuba,” he explained.

Jorge Castro

“With Bolivian democracy, it is embarrassing for public institutions that a place like the National Immigration Office is being used by the Cuban government to limit the freedom of expression of citizens abroad through political expulsions,” he said.

The activist, who has more than 40,000 followers on Twitter, said, “The use of the armed forces of the state security against democracies in the region to force the personal freedom of Cubans is extreme and sets a precedent.” .

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Castro was called on Friday to review the scope of local immigration laws without a specific argument.

This month, the NGO Prisoners Defenders condemned the release of more than 1,000 political prisoners in Cuba in a renewed assessment of the situation on the island.

According to the report, there 1034 political prisoners in Cuba Currently, there are 24 new ones in November. In its latest report, the NGO said that every month the regime “Constantly harassing, threatening, summoning and detaining thousands of people, and the incarceration and criminal prosecution of dozens of new political prisoners. Not only is the oppression unceasing, but some continue to maintain it Inhuman conditions Since 9/11”.

“While this goes with the argument of people’s sovereignty and right to self-determination, it is clear that their people are not the only ones to be held accountable for that right to self-determination. In addition, Cuba has revealed itself, already in an eschatologically clear way, Vladimir Putin’s biggest ally in the invasion of UkraineA violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and a massacre against those principles Supports Iran’s brutal repression Against women and against their people. Just look at the statements Miguel Diaz Canal Vladimir Putin in Russia has ‘congratulated’ Putin on his ‘annexation of Ukrainian territories’ and supported Putin at the United Nations, where Cuba is doing a disreputable diplomatic job of getting votes in favor of Russia and Iran against the condemnation of most of the world. Continual prisoners are guards.

According to the NGO, the above “Makes Cuba, objectively, an enemy of Europe and world freedom. There is no longer any doubt about it. However, the elites of the European Left have not taken a single step to realize the deception we have experienced in Europe since 1959 through the false struggle of “anti-imperialism”, as well as Cuba in Latin America. and in the world since the 1960s, alone with the help of the Soviet Union until the 1990s, then with equal strength, and now in alliance with Vladimir Putin”.

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