Dibu Martinez insulted a Mexican who wanted to give them a charro hatMediotiempo.

Mexico City /

Emiliano Martinez was both a hero and a villain against France in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final.His impressive saves and penalties in 120 minutes earned the Albiceleste their third star.

What happened to Dibu Martinez?

Off the pitch, howeverHis conduct from the 2021 Copa America in Brazil has always left much to be desiredHe made reprehensible gestures during the awards ceremony, taunting the Colombians in a series of maximum penalties.

The same He did at the Middle East FairThe magnitude of the impact of their actions was high as millions of fans around the world tuned in to watch the last game of the World Cup.

First with an obscene act while receiving the Golden Glove, then for mocking Kylian Mbappe.. But nothing beats what he did with a Mexican during the Champions Tour on a bus through the streets of Doha.

Argentina’s goalkeeper insulted a fan during the celebration

There a video came to light An Argentine began to offend a man who tried to give him a soro hatBut he received only insults, although he could not distinguish who it was.

But in another short film it can be seen during the live action he was doing Guido Rodriguez, former player of Xolos and USADibu Martinez is the one who insulted the Tricolor fan.

“Hat Ortho, put in Mexican. Throw away… my dick chuck…! ohGive the memo to Ochoa, idiot!” , the albicelestes goalkeeper is heard saying.

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Why don’t you like Mexicans?

Emiliano Martínez has been the target of thousands of criticisms from Mexico, who started hitting him with everything after seeing his reaction in the World Cup draw.

In the pictures, you can see how Thibu celebrates and comments when he hears Mexico’s name: “Easy, easy!”, indicating that Argentina had three safe points.

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