Culture – The word fade has been added to RAE’s dictionary

The word “mango” is already part of the Spanish Spanish Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

As part of the “Better to be Dominican” campaign, The Dominican Chain of Hypermarket Jumbo began efforts to encourage the inclusion of this word, thus promoting the popular Dominican gastronomic diet.

During the process, we worked hand in hand with the Dominican Academy of Languages. Last Thursday, December 16th, the RAE’s Dictionary of Spanish Language (DLE) was updated by 23.5 and consulted by millions of Spanish speakers as part of the Association of Spanish Academy of Sciences (ASALE). The world.

The process began on February 2, 2021, the date on which Jumbo launched its social networks to raise awareness of Dominican identity and the importance of language.

In this way, content creators, experts in educating Dominicans on related issues, and the general public were encouraged to echo the project.
Content is compiled under the hashtag #ManguEnLaRAE with a multinational purpose.

The same label helped promote responses from the target audience about the effort to appreciate “mango” and the culture around it.

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