Billionaire Jeff Bezos is promoted to ‘Florida Man’ in Miami

American businessman Jeff Bezos He has only been in Miami for a week since his stay in Florida, and already the cameras of the curious are capturing more curious sightings of the billionaire.

The businessman was caught on Friday while surfing on a self-propelled surfboard through one of Miami’s canals, dressed extravagantly, holding in his hand a kind of wedding suit, dark glasses and a bouquet of white flowers.

It is not known what kind of fun or situation the Amazon owner was involved in, but in the comments on the post Only in DadThere have been many who have ventured their hypotheses as to why this pole circulated through the channels of Miami.

“Bezos finally downloaded the Florida Man update,” one user said humorously, referring to the topic that includes the oddities and absurdities surrounding news of events in the Sunshine State.

“Welcome to 305 Papi. ‘Cafehito for you?'” one Instagram user said when she saw photos of Bezos doing his thing. “This is my Amazon order,” another joked, while a third greeted him with less humor: “Not even… A week in Miami and he’s already misbehaving.”

Last August, Bezos bought a mansion on Miami’s exclusive Indian Creek Island and announced he was leaving Seattle to return to South Florida. Because he wanted to be close to his parents.

In a post on Instagram, the businessman bid farewell to the city in which he had lived since 1994, where his garage and Amazon’s first office were located, and explained the reasons for his move.

“Seattle has been my home since 1994, when I started Amazon in my garage. And that’s my dad behind the camera in this video, giving a tour of Amazon’s first ‘office’. My parents have always been my biggest supporters,” he noted.

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He also explained that his parents “recently moved back to Miami, where we lived when I was younger (Miami Palmetto High School, Class of ’82, go Panthers!) I want to be close to my dad, and Lauren and I love Miami.” “In addition, Blue Origin’s operations are increasingly moving to Cape Canaveral. For this reason, I plan to return to Miami, leaving the Pacific Northwest.”

The businessman has a close relationship with his parents, Jackie and Miguel Bezos, although Miguel, of Cuban origin, is actually the stepfather of the technology mogul, who is considered one of the three richest men on the planet thanks to the success of Amazon, which has had offices in Miami for more than From a year ago.

In July last year, the parents of the owner of Amazon They bought a mansion for $34.9 million In an exclusive Miami neighborhood. And in August of this year Bezos bought another one for $69 million At Indian Creek, I might consider that change.

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