Andy Vasquez was surprised by the rain while riding in a convertible in Miami

Cuban comedian Andy Vasquez He had a good experience in Miami when he was driving down a highway in his convertible when it started to rain.

The actor was accompanied by a friend who alerted him to the first drops of rain. Andy started laughing because he already knew the situation would bring one Good story.

Hey, put up a roof That we’re going to get wet. Look how everyone’s looking at us,” Andy’s friend said. The comedian replied: “I can’t, the roof is broken.”

“Stop being silly and put a roof on bro. Look at the onlookers. It’s a mess, changeable. Miami in the rainsaid Andy’s friend.

A follower of the artist recommended him on Instagram. “They go around Havana like me, convertible and roofless. Council, Add two layers for special occasions“.

The actor took the situation in very good humour. He said he will find a bridge to wait for the rain. He clearly said that in his comedy video “Miami is better this way”Without a roof in the car.

Vasquez a few days ago Surya announces that he is leaving the city permanently.

The Cuban artist, much loved by his audience both inside and outside the island, has also expressed his desire to stay out of politics. He mentioned that from now on his social media will be dedicated only to comedy. He wants to focus on his family and his career.

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