Bart is now available in Spanish and over 40 other languages

Google is launching Bard in Spanish today So more people can access this experiment, which allows them to collaborate with artificial intelligence and increase their creativity, their ideas and curiosity. The tool includes Arabic, Chinese, German, and Portuguese, and adds more than 40 new languages ​​in addition to English. To use the bart, people can enter

At the same time now And many countries can access Bard, including Brazil and the 27 countries of the European Union. Also, they present New functions People can personalize their experience, boost their creativity, and more. Among them:

  • Listen to the answers: Listen to the bard’s answers out loud. This is useful for listening to the correct pronunciation of a word or listening to a poem or script. To use it, you need to write and then select the sound icon.
  • Pin and rename conversations: When a conversation starts, options to pin, rename, and resume recent conversations appear in the tool’s sidebar.
  • More coding tasks: The new feature lets you export Python code to Replit, as well as Google Colab.
  • Share answers: It’s now easier to share part or all of a Bart chat.

Additionally, Spanish (and new languages ​​available) will soon be added to additional features that allow you to customize Bard’s responses and use images in your queries.

Now, how can you use Bard?

Based on these messages, Google shares a series of tips to help people explore their interests, fuel their imaginations, and generate new ideas thanks to the bard. next, It can be used in 5 ways:

  1. Discover and explore iconic places in your environment: Those on vacation or wanting to know more about the city they live in can ask Bard for endless recommendations on historical sites, gastronomic spots, parks and squares, or any site that interests them. In addition, they can create lists and itineraries for walking or use it as inspiration for a more complete experience in that country or city.
  2. Create infinite creative threads: This tool can generate various creative formats like stories, code, emails, lyrics, letters etc. For example, writing a song about love in the 21st century or creating code for a simple application.
  3. There are summaries of complex topics: Sometimes a complicated article may be difficult to understand or people don’t have enough time to read it carefully. Bard helps summarize a text for easy understanding. For example, you might ask him to summarize literature in Latin America and its influence on the world.
  4. Help Table: It can be a great helper for programming and software development tasks like code generation or debugging. This capability is available in more than 20 programming languages ​​such as C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python and Typescript. And you can easily export your Python code to Google Colab without copying and pasting.
  5. Turn real-life problems or questions into action plans: “Where do I start if I want to sell my house? “How can I find a job quickly if I’m a recent graduate?” Bart can come up with ideas to implement a plan that will allow you to move step by step toward these types of goals.
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