Barranquilla: Entering the public space in Corregimiento La Playa – Barranquilla – Colombia

Until Friday, January 27, the conditioning of two spaces is being carried out in the corregimiento Barranquilla Beachto transform public space, through tactical urbanism.

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The action is centered in the Villa del Mar sector: the theater square around the Community Center and Las Cometas Park.

The project originates from Inclusive Cities, Solidarity Communities, an inter-agency initiative UNHCR, the International Organization for Migration and UN-HabitatFunded by the European Union.

According to the organizers, the campaign aims to reduce the vulnerabilities of refugees and migrants and increase the resilience of host communities in six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Colombia.

They added: “Refugees and migrants are the new actors in cities, and evidence suggests that they can contribute significantly to enhancing their own economic, social and cultural development, to the benefit of host communities.”

The project has united the communities of the Strip.


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This was the choice of the two spaces

For the specific state of Colombia and as of August 2022, the R4V platform reports that there are approximately 2.4 million people From Venezuela who are on the move.

As part of the project implementation procedures, La Playa spaces were selected after a diagnostic process and community consultation.

Listen to young people, women, and the elderly to step into the natural meeting points and references they have the potential to become development engines and integration.

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Problems in the Villa del Mar sector

According to the organization, the Villa del Mar sector suffers from a large deficit of public spaces, and does not contain enough parks, squares, sports or cultural facilities, which negatively affects the community’s right to the city.

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The campaign states, “By implementing a tactical urbanism strategy and achieving improvements in the quality of existing small public space, we are making a leap in the quantity and quality of public space available.”

Finally, they conclude that the adjustments made will allow for better integration of refugees and migrants with the host community, creating sustainability, empathy, roots, and permanence.

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Correspondent EL Tiempo Barranquilla
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