Issa Vegas has surprised her fans by admitting her addiction

Isa Vegas She continues to go viral, be it her fitness routines, her outfits or the videos she uploads on TikTok, this time, surprising her 6.5 million followers on the platform. A very inappropriate confession on his part. The clip he uploaded now has more than 17,000 likes and almost 170,000 views.

He is a big body. Photo: Featured.

It recently went viral why Some were seen with purple braids With her hair tied up and a light-colored bag, her outfit was paired with thin-heeled white boots and pink stockings.

Reveals why he doesn’t have a defined stomach

The beautiful Argentinian was spotted in a tiny red bikini with sparkles and gray pants, lip-synching to the audio: “I already stopped it, I already recovered myself”, with the text saying “When I think about giving up bread. Abs”, the audio then reads: To say “I had fun”. He loves donuts, churros, and pancito con butter.

Even so, the outfit she wore allowed her charm to shine through, as expected, and she received many compliments. And she always amazes with her perfect body Never been under the knife And thanks to his efforts, he used to have a very thin body when he was younger, now the difference is huge because he has a very slim and strong body.

It is not only famous for networks

The beautiful Argentinian model is not only an Internet phenomenon, she has also participated as a host and fitness instructor in several TV shows, both in her native country and in Mexico, where she has lived for many years. In addition, he also has an account on Only Fans, where he uploads more “dangerous” content.

It is always trending. Photo: Featured.

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