Dream acknowledges that he was ignorant of the unlawful hack in Minecraft speedrun.

At the end of 2020, Speedrun.com reported that the prominent Minecraft speedrunner and content developer Dream rejected a fifth-place finish. Speedrun.com led to an inquiry into the incident that lasted around two months at the end of December. Before accepting the decision apparently on December 31, Dream strongly protested against the inquiry’s conclusions, and Speedrun.com decided, following the dispute, that it was still poisonous to everyone concerned. But now, over five months after that, Dream published his whole view of the occurrence, and after exploring it deeper, what he thought was incorrect.


“I never had examined the alternative I may have done, as much as I was convinced that I was not cheating,” Dream added. “I was certain that I was going to get myself because of my reaction to the moderators, and I saw all that was happening. I saw and was paranoid in the tunnel that I didn’t believe directly. I had many good reasons to feel they weren’t unbiased, had the mod team, and I was amicable from the beginning. I believe it would never have reached the point.” Dream claimed once he began looking into logistics underlying the matter, but he saw that he had used certain types of unauthorized alteration throughout six of his streams.

These tweaks were used to make films that he and his colleague developer GeorgeNotFound were developing. He has “washed out” any possible concerns because the mods did not affect gameplay at that time, and he felt they were deactivated or only touched on the server. When Dream looked at these facts, he remarked, “that is essentially the sole reason” and discovered that specific changes were also pushed on the customer side so that they may be used in one player content. This means that he applied specific enhancements during one player’s games, but he said he didn’t know, and no obvious visual signs were there.

I felt an incredible feeling of shame when I understood it and took my video answer without any more faith in what I stated in the video,” Dream said. “I think this was at this stage a few months ago. As the drama began, I cared about myself more. Finally, I was correct, I figured out what was going on, and I shot myself in the foot.” After he saw this and took the video down, he thought about writing a comment. Still, he opted against it because “the controversy had essentially gone already.” He argued that he did not want to force them back into continued hostility since it had just finished.

The dream continued with the moderators engaged in the issue. The group refused to receive their donation from the controversial video and later deleted old speedruns on concerns that they may also somehow be altered. This is an ordinary policy, and Dream pointed out that he was all right, although at first, he was confused since it happened so long after the original ban. And although Dream stated the mod team was “very unprofessional” in all its interactions, he wished that he had handled everything differently from the start. Now that there is a decent chance and the situation still affects him. Dream finished his speech urging his supporters not to hate and avoid bringing more drama to the mod team or anybody involved in the matter. In the future, he plans to elucidate the issue further.

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