Bane, you? Solari ‘warmed up’ with the referee and was ruled out

Puebla /

The Actions At Cauhtémoc Stadium அப்படியா ‘Hot‘Well inside Within 5 minutes, Club America had already seen two red cards; First DT Santiago Solari, And his ‘good role model’ followed him Roger Martinez.

America began to win With an early goal in this game Salvador Rice, who Scored in just 9 seconds; After this action, they were very conservative, anger erupted and now the eagles are in serious trouble.

Santiago Solari went crazy against the referee

United States Vin withstood the onslaught well Puebla, But so far there is no clear risk measure against him Everything will change To him Minute 31, Where Roger Martinez made a mistake Y Solari could not stand Oscar Mejia Garcia.

Martinez He kept one Kick Still Puebla and the Majia player did not hesitate Not even a second to show you Yellow; Before I show it to him, Santiago Solari landed on the field And he told the whistler everything, so he got a red card.

People say that Sun light With Big With Oscar Magia Since they whistled in previous duels, ‘He does it badly and hurts them’, That is why it is his reaction.

Roger Martinez decided to go with Solari

A few minutes later, Al 36, Things are getting worse for him United States, OK Sekovia I’m going to win the race Roger Martinez But the attacker He decided to put the iron inside and lower it.

Oscar Magia He did not hesitate either Showed a second yellow card For South Americans, so now Eagles To Face this competition with 10 people And without his DD on the bench. Bad is bad.

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