Nasopharynx used by Cubans does not protect against Omigran, warns one of the creators of Soperana 02.

Chemist Daniel Garcia Rivera, one of the creators of the Cuban vaccine Soberana 02 anticovid, warned that the fabric is nasopharyngeal., Security mechanisms used by ordinary Cubans from the beginning International spread Inaccessible to high quality others, May not be sufficient due to high infectious potential Omigron.

“Almost all of us use nasopharynx, a tissue or substance that was not created to prevent infection with this virus. It’s okay if we use it twice, it was not created for that, ”he warned In your one post Facebook wall.

“Many times it is made at home with love and good taste, sometimes it goes well with outerwear and even underwear, but The truth is, if you are indoors and close to the victim, it can not stop an accurate projectile like micron.“, Wrote.

Garcia Rivera stressed that “safety measures must be taken seriously” with the new variant of the virus.

Warned the scientist A cloth nasobuco, “In confined spaces it is like a tin shield against a tracer bullet. He thinks Ómicron has reached the limit of transmission of viruses that infect humans, that is, measles. ”

At Rivera’s publication forum, Cuban scientist Amilkar Perez Riverol pointed out. “Masks, respirators type N95, KN95 or FFP2 work against all types, including Omicron, and reduce infection by> 1-2%. Whoever it is, it’s worth it (it’s possible) to invest in something that can be used at home and reused in crowded situations.

However, Cuban leaders appear on television and in public Use of FFP2 and N95 masks. The three-tiered version is sold by government virtual stores as disposable masks Gift Bazaar, Box with 50 units Costs $ 10.52.

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On the other hand, ordinary Cubans had to resort to artisan nasopharynx from the beginning of the epidemic., Often made at home with no guarantees of safety and performance and with some fabrics on hand.

At the end of December, Rivera, a professor at the University of Havana, became director of the state-owned BioCubaFarma-affiliated Chemical and Bio-Molecular Synthesis Laboratory and president of the Latin American Chemical Associations. Ómicron warned of what would happen to Cuba before the expansion In neighboring countries.

“Can’t say no, but we do concerts. As if we do not know what’s going on in the world. MINSAP, please sound the alarm. Everything must stop now,” he asked before the silence. Of the authorities.

Although the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) decided to use the booster vaccine from the same month, which will end in January, cases have increased since the end of December. Reached 1,943 last day.

Although Cuban officials did not specify the extent of the liability Expansion of the Omigron variant With the increase in patients, Inside A government meeting recently It has already been reported to be deployed to patients from 11 provinces.

However, The government builds a caravan Hundreds of people gather across the country for political ceremonies to mark the new year of Fidel Castro’s rule.

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