Bad Bunny loses popularity after controversy with fans

After a couple of videos of someone watching were leaked Poor rabbit He responded aggressively to some of his fans who wanted to get his picture fame The singer was spotted AffectedAnd that’s it Many of his songs dropped off the charts.

In 2022, Puerto Rican has established itself Most listened to artist in the world Thanks to songs like “Ojitos lindos”, “Titi me pregunta” and “Efecto”; But according to him Top 50 Overall site SpotifyNow the same songs are found Very down They are closed for the year.

Prior to the public scandal involving “Bad Rapid,” the song “Titty Asked Me” was at No. 13, and is currently at No. 28, marking the singer’s decline.

For its part, Bad Bunny’s Sencho Corleone collaboration “Me Porto Bonito” peaked at No. 15 and is now down to No. 22.

“Ojitos lindos” was perhaps one of the most significant falls, as it was in the first positions, he lost that offer and fell to 39th place on the list.

Bad Bunny’s approach generates debate on networks

Videos of Benito grabbing his followers’ cellphones and throwing one into the ocean have earned the artist hundreds of reviews; However, on social networks, without showing remorse, the artist issued a warning to those who tried to get close to him and promised to treat them in the same way if they received what he considered disrespectful treatment.

Even his former publicist, Vlady Gomez, explained in an interview with Telemundo that from the beginning, Bad Bunny made it clear to the public what his protocol was, and would only give photos if they asked him quietly and with all due respect.

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Vlady clarified that because of this same situation, Bad Bunny was always surrounded by a very small security guard, which he defined as a “little group” as it is known in the world of public relations.

However, while Reggaetonero’s reaction was not exactly an invasion of his privacy, the controversy is now positive because the artist and brand name Bad Bunny are in the conversation.

Bad Bunny deleted the controversial tweet

The Puerto Rican artist removed his controversial reaction from his Twitter account after revealing a video of him introducing a fan’s cell phone.

“Anyone who comes to say hello, say something or meet me always gets my attention and respect. People who come to put a phone bastard in my face, I’ll treat that as disrespectful, and I’ll treat it the same way.”the artist said at the time with the hashtag “SINCOJONESMETIENE”.

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