Azcapotzalco will build Vallejo’s first industrial park

the Azcapotzalco Mayor’s Office Reclaimed space Used as a gravel deposit And that he had problems Infestation of rats and garbage. Tags analytics build first Sport Center in the colony Vallejo Industrial.

The property is located on Calle Poniente 146, near Avenida Ceylan, there is a sign warning that This property is proprietary from Federal District Government and that “the person who litters or steals the material will be turned over.”

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According to local authorities, at Vallejo Industrial Colony, with the neighboring colony Iron factories Lack of recreational spaces and green spaces. Therefore, neighbors and parents asked the mayor Daisy Saldana The use of the property is in a public space and is no longer on file Landfill and gravel

The executive project for the construction of a green area is responsible for the Directorate General of Urban Development, Public Works and Sustainability so that this is property, 1463 sq. mThe inhabitants of both colonies benefit from it

Works and Sustainability Manager Jose Manuel QuirosHe explained in an interview with the media, that Previous management handed over the gravel groundunclean, causes a health problem, because it is adjacent to a High school, a Kindergarten, a church.

In the face of these situations, the The mayor made the decision to clean it up And the proposal to install the M systemmathematical unit. who hired a Land clearing company where there was a file Rat plague Based on SnakesThat someone brought it to kill rodents, which led to an epidemic of reptiles.

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the Cleanliness of the place It was At a cost of 1,700,000 pesos Between the machines, the trucks and the final disposal, commented Rafael Posadas, General Manager of the Urban Services of Demarcation.

The executive project is expected to mathematical unit Be ready no later than next February to find out How much will it cost build it.

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