Tough message against Biku: “You felt small next to Shakira…you’re immature”

LFor the new song Shakira,”BZRP Music Session #53“, next to the rapper StrangeAdds countless hints towards your ex-partner Gerard PiqueAnd it has become a trend in social networks.

From an image of a witch looking towards the house of the Colombian singer’s neighbors Piku’s parents, to a series of releases that heavily promoted the watches. Cassio By ex-defendant BarcelonaThere is a trend in the networks after the couple broke up more than six months ago.

Phrases like “A wolf like me is not for the likes of you”and in “You Traded a Rolex for a Casio”They have given much to talk about in all media in different parts of the world.

Hard news towards Piqu

Now the Catalan paparazzi Jordy MartinI leave a strong message on Biku’s account Twitter.

Martin, one of the strongest critics against the former defender of the Spanish team, did not mince words and dedicated a strong message to Shakira’s former player.

“Many support Gerard Pique, but I still think what I predicted 12 years ago. This relationship is too big for you, with Shakira you have an inferiority complex. Next to her you feel small. You need 23 years. – I thank you old woman, you are immature. … You were, were, and always will be normal.”

Replies to Jordy Martin’s tweet

Tweet Jordy Martin Uploaded around 11:00 am ET, it had over 3,000 likes, over 200 comments and 672 retweets within four hours of being posted. This message has been seen by almost 191 thousand users.

“Help us unmask that dishonest bad man and bad father. She has no respect as the mother of her children,” was one of hundreds of responses to Martin’s message.

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