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A new year begins, a new cycle opens after having closed in 2021 even though the pandemic predominates as a global issue. However, as we have always affirmed, there is only today, yesterday and tomorrow are the only two days of the year in which nothing can be done, so you have to live only the present, this word perhaps for you that you read me and You are very young, you do not relate it to the word gift, but for those who are in their sixties (like the one who writes this), they will remember that when we gave a gift we called it a present, hence the present is a gift, a gift that we should take advantage of every day of our life, but if you are looking for a greater analogy I will tell you what gift in English is said present. I mention all this to you because the present is this, 2022, the rest is past and in relation to the future the best way to predict it is by creating it.

The present is the gift that life is giving you every day and that perhaps you have not realized it, but it is your opportunity to take advantage of these 365 days of opportunities that 2021 gives you to grow internally and externally, since both parts complement each other, in addition to being necessary.

Once you have understood that the present is a gift, I share some things that should not be missing in your daily routine in this 2022, this in order that you can fully enjoy your present, that gift that I am talking about.

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For this you need to do things that as you practice them will become habits, which will later become a lifestyle, so here are the recommendations for this year, which should not be missing in your daily routine.

Meditate. Practicing silence with purpose increases self-awareness and mental clarity. Focus all your senses in the moment you practice your meditation, control and pay attention to your breathing, feel each inhalation and exhalation you do, practice it to start for 5 minutes, increase until you achieve 20 minutes a day and you will notice how your way of doing changes. see things in your daily life.

Use affirmations. What you tell yourself about yourself has a drastic influence on your level of success for whatever you set out to do. You only take 5 minutes daily to do it. Treat yourself well, be your best friend.

Leeward.- Select a book, read 10 pages a day, practice what you read and you will notice a great change in you, also this will make you improve your spelling, your way of expressing yourself, your mind will grow and your vision will expand. Reading those 10 pages will not take you more than 20 minutes of your day.

Visualize.- Visualize yourself according to your affirmations, create a vision board, it will help you stay on the right track to achieve your goals, this practice only needs 5 minutes of your day to do it.

Keep a diary. It is very important to document perceptions, ideas, progress, successes, learnings, this allows you to see the lessons learned and be aware of your progress. You only need to invest 5 minutes a day for this activity.

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Move your body.- Activate yourself in the morning, from very early it will help you to stimulate your circulation, you will fill your lungs with oxygen. You will feel healthy, light, awake, active and happy. This practice can be done from 20 to 30 minutes daily

Thanks.- Being grateful to everything and everyone hides a deep secret that once you start practicing it you will discover it. Gratitude is the principle of abundance, be grateful because you are alive, be grateful for your family, for your friends, for your health, without forgetting that the one who is grateful deserves everything. Take 5 minutes out of your day and give thanks for everything that comes into your life.

How healthy. You must create healthier eating habits, eating healthy will allow you not to get sick, that you do not gain weight, that your sleep is of better quality and even if it seems incredible to you, even think better. There is currently a lot of valuable information on the internet that tells you how you can eat healthily.

Get enough sleep. The quality of sleep is essential for you to have a quality of life, program your biological clock so that you sleep 8 hours a day, do it early, do not wake up, stop using your cell phone, Tablet, computer and all kinds of devices, at least 1 hour before going to sleep, because the blue light emitted by the devices “scare away” sleep in your brain, which precisely becomes more active when you sleep, causing a mismatch in when you wake up or don’t get enough sleep.

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Finally I leave this habit on which the others depend practically:

Weather.- Give yourself and give yourself time, it is something that most people do not have and it is the reason or pretext for not fulfilling their purposes. Give yourself time to laugh and have fun, give yourself time not only for yourself, but also to dedicate it to others, if you use it properly you can get everything you want.

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With the best of my wishes that you are happy, perfectly healthy and free from all suffering.


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