A space that seeks to generate road awareness in Roca

The General Roca School of Drivers and Traffic Education plays a vital role in the community. It is located at 112 Neuquén street and has a unique track in Patagonia.

In this space Driver tests are carried out, work carried out by trained personnel specialized in driver education. This is an important function that cIt actively contributes to the development of the community in matters that have to do with generating road awareness, promoting respect for traffic signs and current regulations.

In this context compulsory practical exams are carried out to obtain the driver’s license of the different categories. It is important to note that from November they began to take driving tests to be able to drive motorcycles.

The motorcycles carry out practical tests on the track to obtain the license.

At the same time during during the school year they carry out road safety education workshops for schools.

“In recent days we had a great turnout regarding the tests to obtain the driver’s license,” said Luis Córdoba, president of the Cooperative Association.

On the other hand, he highlighted that “In the latter, interest increased to carry out the procedures for starting and expanding categories and this means that several tests have to be scheduled during the day, work that is carried out in coordination with the Municipality of Roca ”.

In the last days and with the high temperatures it was possible to observe a good number of people waiting for their turn to perform these tests. The instructors had extra work to meet the demands and be able to meet all the requirements.

The institution plays an important role for road safety education. “It is essential to become aware of the importance for our society to respect traffic signs,” said Córdoba.

The entity that leads has four instructors and trainers who provide all their knowledge. When activities resume, after the break for the summer season, the demand for shifts to take test drives will surely increase. It is vital to comply with all the requirements to avoid inconveniences.

It is important to highlight that the entity offers courses and training for those interested in learning to drive. The duration of the courses is two weeks, with ten practical and two theoretical classes. The practical classes are one hour a day.

The start of the training is on the track and as the student evolves in practice, trips are made to the city or route. In the theoretical aspect, it is based on the National Traffic Law, Municipal Ordinance, and an introduction is also provided on the mechanical part of the vehicle.

The beginning of the courses is scheduled on January 10.

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