Attorney Enrique Anaya: For the record that I am not the owner of that Chivo wallet account

The attorney filed a notice with the attorney’s office, inquiring about the use of his data to create a user and an account in government use.

Attorney Enrique Anaya issued a notice to the Attorney General’s Office this afternoon for the unauthorized use of his Unique Identification Document (DUI) to create a user and an account in the Chivo Wallet application advertised by the government.

In the document, the lawyer points out the possibility of confession for various offenses, but it is up to the prosecutor’s office to investigate what crimes took place, “Anaya said.

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The attorney also requested that the attorney’s office require his DUI, photograph, telephone number, and other activities carried out in his name, along with all documents and information recorded in the application to Chivo, SAD CV.

“Apparently” he said he did not expect anything from the attorney’s office, but issued this notice to make it clear that he was not the owner of the Chivo wallet account created with his name, thus avoiding all liability for the illegal use of that account.

The attorney, like him, suggested that those who hijacked their data through this application should inform the Consumer Protector, issue a notice to the attorney’s office, and request the cancellation of the Civo, Anonymous Society variable account. Capital

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“Despite hundreds of complaints, I am concerned about the inaction of companies to address this situation,” Anaya asked. .

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The form provided by Anaya is a model “but its use is under the free decision and exclusive responsibility of each individual,” he said through his Twitter account. Input can be used to disclose situations such as a lawyer, however consultation should be sought from a legal expert or support companies on this issue, and the specific case should be forwarded to the FGR.

The form provided by Anaya is a sample “but its use is under the free decision and exclusive responsibility of each person” Photo: A chart and non-commercial nature 1447697717497577475? S = 21

Report with the help of Christosol

If you have been the victim of your ID data theft and $ 30 theft in the Chivo Wallet application, Cristosal has enabled a report-generating link.

As indicated by the Christosol organization, the information on victims of identity theft will be documented in this form in the Chivo Wallet application for legal action by the Attorney General’s Office.

Considering the Attorney General’s Office’s silence on events, organizations such as Christosall have provided a mechanism for those who wish to report identity theft through their sites. Similarly, according to attorney Laura Hernandez, it is structured on the offenses of identity theft and unwanted disclosure of personal data or information, which is specified in sections 22 and 26 of the Special Law Against Computer and Related Offenses (LEDIC). Similarly, misuse of the identity document referred to in Section 288 of the Penal Code.

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