Atamari Lopez and the power to turn adversity into opportunity

Adamari Lopez at the 2021 Latin American Music Awards in Sunrise, FL, — (Photo: Aaron Davidson/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) (Telemundo via Getty Images)

7 months have passed since Adamari Lopez announced her departure from Telemundo, but what seemed like a tragedy turned into an opportunity.

Adamari Lopez He went through many misfortunes that taught him how life works both professionally and personally. Throughout this learning she had to face herself, her ego, her fears, her emotions, the things she had always allowed.

Rebirth of the phoenix after farewell

The Puerto Rican actress and host by no means expected to be fired from the morning show: “It surprised me,” she told Venezuelan correspondent Erika de la Vega. Although he knew how the television world worked and knew there was “a work cycle”, their split came at an unexpected moment: “I thought it would happen soon, but by the time it happened, it wasn’t already. The moment I was waiting for.”

The news was difficult and created many changes in his life, mainly due to having his daughter Alaya in his care. However, Adamari is grateful to the television network: “They gave me an opportunity that was not given to anyone else”; Marking 11 years at the helm of ‘A New Day’, her exit from Telemundo forced her to reinvent herself. What does your new life look like outside of television? It all started with the question: “Where do I start knocking on the door to move forward and provide stability for Aaliyah.” During the search, he relied on everything he had built in the past and thanks to “his little guards” he was able to overcome the moment of crisis.

During these months of “unemployment”, the presenter not only created her AxA jewelry line, but she also traveled (her busy life in front of the television prevented her), she was able to spend more time with her daughter, she was able to sleep and, exercise , entertain herself and fulfill her responsibilities as a housewife.

Adamari Lopez at the Puerto Rico Coliseum in San Juan, 2022 -- (Photo: Aaron Davidson/Telemundo via Getty Images)

Adamari Lopez at the Puerto Rico Coliseum in San Juan, 2022 — (Photo: Aaron Davidson/Telemundo via Getty Images) (Telemundo via Getty Images)

The truth is, now, each new cycle offers a new opportunity to grow, Adamari Lopez knows, “You just have to look for where you want to work.”

In recent months, he has developed his role as an entrepreneur by creating “beautiful and sophisticated things.” On September 8, he posted the first photo of ‘Axa’ on social networks. It’s a series of accessories through which she offers her audience to “hold a little piece” of her and her daughter.

But not only that, being close to the audience has led him to continue creating content for them, which is why he continues to work on his social networks. He has also received job offers; On October 20, he announced his return to television.

Adamari Lopez at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, FL, 2021

Adamari Lopez at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables, FL, 2021 (Telemundo via Getty Images)

The pace of life she leads is such that she herself feels that she has not stopped working: “What, I don’t know if I’m working more than I was on the show, but I’m always very grateful. For the love of the public,” she noted.

About Tony Costa

Adamari Lopez confirmed her separation from actor and choreographer Tony Costa in May 2021. Their love story started 10 years ago when they met on a dance reality show. After two years of separation, she told how she was able to establish a good relationship with him.

She remembers that she made the decision at first, but noted that it doesn’t mean there’s less anger, pain and changes: “Maybe I’m not the same as I was in the beginning,” she said.

He recalls the bad times they went through as a result of his need to control his daughter’s safety: “All I wanted was to make sure she was okay.” All that is in the past, now she’s “much more relaxed” because Tony Costa has “shown the ability to watch over Aaliyah and keep her in a safe place,” which makes her feel calmer.

She said her relationship with her ex will always be dear to Alaia, and she knows they can’t be close friends: “I absolutely don’t want to get involved in his personal stuff. Life and how he manages that personal life.” , as long as it doesn’t affect Aaliyah.”

The truth is that the differences between them will never end, although he does not pretend to be in a mood of conflict: “Sometimes there are things that he does not understand, because I see a conflict, because men are different from women. Nothing happens to him, a lot happens to me.

Adamari Lopez’s learning, she didn’t shy away from sharing

The happy panorama in which the 52-year-old Puerto Rican finds himself is the result of a lot of personal work.

In principle, he points out how important it is to live with gratitude because “you attract good things.” To the Puerto Rican: “A positive attitude changes everything. If you focus on the good things, no matter how many bad moments happen, which happens to all of us, the good will emerge.”

Another thing Atamari learned was that “the more you let things flow, the easier it is and everything falls back into place.”

When asked directly about the materials and tips he used in his reinvention, ​​”Analyzing before speaking helped me a lot in moments of anger and uncertainty.” He promised that he would write to come out first, that he would read his words and find a way to say things that bothered him without offending others.

He also learned the importance of “not taking things so personally”. It worked for him to understand that everything happens for a good reason, so you should let life follow its rhythm instead of getting sick, he explained. “We’ll have to wait until things cool down to find out what that good reason is.”

Along this learning path, Adamari Lopez also understood how to better herself; For example, don’t pay too much attention to the voices in your head: “I make up some novel stories, but sometimes you have to silence that mind: ‘Shut up. Go up. Shut up’. And turn it into a positive, and you will see how it all comes out in a positive way .Because, like most people, the presenter finds himself speaking negatively: “But we have to be generous with ourselves and know that we can make mistakes and can correct them.”

The importance of faith

But unemployment isn’t the biggest downside for Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari Lopez, a survivor of breast cancer diagnosed in March 2005 at “stage 1,” which surgery and subsequent treatment has helped put her in remission. sickness

Alaya’s mother explained that she had faith and the support of her family: “God was always my guide. I think my mom instilled that in me. I kept a lot of that hope going forward. I think I tried to do that with every difficulty that came after.

All the hardships Atamari endured, including the “biggest setback” of his youth: his father’s diagnosis of heart disease, made him realize “how strong I am.” To be beautiful.” The difficult situations she faced taught her the importance of family unity and how vital it is to have a “good attitude in any situation.”

That’s faith, family and a good attitude. Let’s write Adamari’s advice on a post-it note and carry it with us all the time.

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