Crocs offers a collection of shoes inspired by McDonald’s

(CNN) — If you love eating a Big Mac and wearing Crocs (and eating a Big Mac while wearing Crocs), today is your lucky day.

McDonald’s confirmed on Monday that it is teaming up with Crocs in its first foray into the footwear sector.

The collaboration includes shoes, socks and “Jibbitz mascots” (little stickers that fit inside Crocs’ openings) of McDonald’s advertising characters, as well as its trademark red and yellow colors.

Fans now have four options to choose from: a Grimmace-inspired purple sock and sandal set; Birdie yellow and pink socks and tights set; a black and white hamburger hat with white socks bearing an animated hamburger; And red and yellow alligator clogs with Jibbitz are popular menu items.

The shoe and Jibbitz sets will cost potential customers $70 to $75 a pair, and the socks $20 a pair. They can be purchased through the official Crocs website or in person at participating retailers.

This is not the first time Crocs has initiated a branded shoe collaboration. The company has already introduced shoes inspired by Shrek and Lightning McQueen. Although not a collaboration, Crocs has also made shoes for the Wild West Crocs cowboy boots On sale for $120.

“McDonald’s is doing a lot of collaborations to capitalize on current trends,” Neil Saunders said in an interview with CNN. “There’s a lot of conversation around Crocs at the moment and it’s a good contemporary brand to partner with.”

He added that McDonald’s likes to capitalize on comments on social media. The hype is clear if we rely on Viral of Grimace milkshakes over the summer, although some TikTok users took it in a creepy direction.

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From Crocs’ standpoint, Saunders said collaborations and quirky partnerships keep the Crocs brand in consumers’ minds.

“Crocs is a quirky brand,” he says. “They are well-positioned to do this collaboration.”

McDonald’s CEO, the late Raymond “Ray” Kroc, has no known connection to the Crocs shoe brand.

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