As China invaded the South China Sea, the United States showed its support for the Philippines

South China Sea

White House National Security Adviser, Jack Sullivan and his Philippine envoy Hermogenes Esperone shared their “concerns” about the recent intrusion of 200 fishing vessels from the South China Sea into Philippine-claimed territory.

Sullivan outlined in a statement the reaffirmation of the compatibility of the security agreement between the two countries and the “Agreement to Respond to Challenges in the South China Sea”.

On March 21, the Philippine government condemned the appearance of more than 200 Chinese fishing boats – managed by “militants” according to Philippine officials – while China refused to conduct an “infiltration” into the South China Sea. They argued the existence of these boats “due to the weather”.

Philippine Defense Secretary Delphine Lorenzana said the presence of ships was a “provocative” act that “militarizes” the area.

China has been embroiled in a regional dispute with Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines for years over several islands located in the South China Sea. Significant hydrocarbon reserves have been found in the continental shelf of these islands, especially in the Zisha Islands (Parasol Islands), Nansha (Spratly Islands) and Huangian (Scarborough Reef).

Aerial view of the uninhabited island of Spratlys in the disputed South China Sea
Aerial view of the uninhabited island of Spratlys in the disputed South China Sea

Meanwhile, the United States reaffirmed it on Wednesday Hong Kong lost autonomy from China and promised to increase pressure on Beijing To remove the special status of the city-state.

A day after China radically overhauled Hong Kong’s constitution, which provoked some remaining democratic repercussions, the foreign secretary ruled in a compelling report to Congress. The Financial Center “does not justify treatment different from the mainland of China According to American law ”.

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Shares of Beijing last year “They have seriously undermined the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong.”Anthony Blingen said in a statement.

In this way, the Joe Biden government acknowledges a decision by former President Donald Trump that deprived Hong Kong of the privileges it had enjoyed with the United States since its transfer from the United Kingdom to China in 1997, including the suspension of an agreement.

“I am committed to continuing to work with Congress and our allies and partners around the world. Against the brutal policies and actions of the People’s Republic of China, “said Blingen.

“We will impose consequences for these actions”Referring to the sanctions imposed against Chinese and Hong Kong officials, the head of US diplomacy said.

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